Gingerbread Update for HTC Desire Family and Incredible S in Q2


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  • Scorpion

    1. The Incredible S is currently the best HTC phone in the market and easily affordable.

    Sony’s Xperia arc is definitely better specs wise, but the difference is not noticable at all, because the Incredible gives a battery life nearly THRICE to that of the Arc. Definitely wins hands down, the Htc handset.

    Galaxy S is an upcoming release. However it has a plasticy cheap feel to it. I wouldn’t recommend the long wait due to the lack of fruits.

  • Biplab

    Thank you for your comments. Buying a new phone is always a pain. :-) It will be helpful if you elaborate a bit more on these:
    1. Why do you think that HTC Incredible S would not be a good buy?
    2. Why do you think Galaxy S is much better for Indian customers?

    Thanks in advance

  • biplab

    Am planning to move from my SE Xperia to HTC Incredible S. It is great to hear that an update for 2.3 will be provided for HTC Incredible S. Are such updates from HTC provided only Over The Air (OTA)? Does HTC provide an option to update an android phone through a Desktop/laptop connected to web. Am asking this as my 2G network is not reliable. I update my SE phone using SE PC companion or SEUS. It will be easier for me if HTC has an equivalent system for its android phones.

    • Kapil

      Hey….. I would not recommend Incredible S to you…. Btw, xpria x10 will get android 2.3 in Q3 2011…. If you intend to purchase a new android phone, wait for the awesome galaxy s – it’s the best phone for India specs-wise. But if looks are what you want and could settle with age-old single core 1GHz processor, nothing is better than xperia arc.