Get Xperia S UI on HTC, Samsung, Motorola and Other Android Phones

Xperia S

Sony’s first ever dual core Android smartphone, the Xperia S, came out recently. Of course, it brought along with it Sony’s Timescape UI along with an updated version of the default Sony home launcher that everyone has seen on all the Xperia phones.

Now thanks to XDA modder ra3al, you can get the Xperia S home launcher on any non-Xperia Android phone that you may own. And not only that, he has also made available some of the widgets, along with the wallpapers from the Xperia S, ensuring you get a wholesome Xperia S UI experience on your Android phone. A lot of screen resolutions are supported, so you can get the version that matches your phone’s screen resolution. Oh, and it’s supported on both Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs.

Here’s a list of included apps and widgets:

  • Home Launcher
  • Clock Widgets
  • On Off Tools
  • Photo Widget
  • Weather Widget

So, in case you want to try it out, you can head over to the official page on XDA to get further details and download the necessary files, and also check out the required installation steps. Do be sure to check your screen’s resolution and then get the respective version. Share your thoughts on how it works out on your phone and whether or not your like the Xperia S launcher, in the comments below.

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