Get the Galaxy S II experience on your Galaxy S (i9000) with ‘F1 Galaxy S2’ Custom ROM


F1 Galaxy S2

Want the new Galaxy S II (S2) look & feel on your Galaxy S i9000?

Well you’re in luck if you nodded your head in confirmation to the above question, because we actually have one such wonderful ROM by XDA member ‘Faryaab’, F1 Galaxy S2.

The ROM is very much identical to the Galaxy S 2, so it includes the new TouchWiz (v4), Galaxy S2 theme and a bunch of other tweaks.

Video Comparison

As this ROM is all about getting the S2 experience on S1, we thought of making a video comparing the both phones.

Left side – Galaxy S 2    |     Right side – Original Galaxy S running ‘F1 Galaxy S2’ ROM.

[youtube video_id=”7KyPq5P5Ck8″ width=”630″ height=”400″ /]

So if the video above impressed you, then you can also have this ROM on your Galaxy S i9000. Proceed on for the instructions.. BUT, warnings first!

[info]This guide is applicable only for Samsung’s Galaxy S international version (i9000). If yours is Vibrant/Captivate/Fascinate/Epic 4G or any other Galaxy S variant, then this ROM — and Guide — is not for you, and that’s for definite.[/info]

Warning: Warranty may be void of your device if you follow the procedures given on this page. You only are responsible for your device. We wont be liable if any damage occurs to your device and/or its components.


You must have a rooted XXJVP firmware with ClockworkMod (CWM) recovery installed on your phone. If you don’t have, then do the following:

  1. Install XXJVP firmware by following the guide here –
  2. Now root & install CWM recovery on XXJVP firmware using this guide –

Download the ROM

Download the ‘F1 Galaxy S2’ ROM from here —  F1 Galaxy S2 V6 (Wipe version).

NOTE: This will wipe your data on phone, so make sure you backup everything important before flashing this ROM. 

Installation [with Video]

[youtube video_id=”2scIvd-zA9c” width=”630″ height=”400″ /]


  1. Transfer the ROM’s zip file you downloaded above to your phone’s internal SD Card
  2. Switch Off the phone
  3. Now boot into recovery. Press & hold the following keys together “Volume UP+Home key+Power button” until the Galaxy S logo screen appears.
  4. Inside the recovery the first thing to do is wipe your data, so do the following:
    1. Select “wipe data/factory reset”, and then “Yes — delete all user data
    2. Select “wipe cache partition”, and then ”Yes”.
    3. Select “Advanced”, then select “Wipe Dalvik Cache” and choose “Yes”
  5. Now select “install zip from SD Card”, then select the zip file that you transferred to your internal SD Card in Step 1, and flash it.
  6. Once finished select “reboot system now

That’s all. You’re now on the ‘F1 Galaxy S2’ ROM. Enjoy! 

The ‘F1 Galaxy S2’ ROM is developed by XDA member ‘Faryaab’, so all credit goes to him. Please consider donating if you like his work.

[button link=”https://” icon=”” style=””]Donate Faryaab[/button]

And for latest updates to this ROM, do follow this thread over at XDA.

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58 Responses

  1. Adriankim1984 says:

    anyone tried this one? how was it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cool. Is this ROM available for JVQ? Will install it later maybe.

    Thnak you. 

    • Kapil says:

      No. But I think future updates will use JVQ as base.

      • Anonymous says:

        Appreciate your fast response. Actually I just moved to CM7 RC1 and I’m not quite sure if I like it yet. I mean, I’ve been using stock roms since I bought my SGS and now it’s a kinda difference. I’ll be prabably moving back to JVP/JVQ.

        Still need to research if I have any lose going back from CM7.


  3. Guest Chris says:

    How do I install the F1 service pack and Lockscreens? I’ve just updated to V6.

  4. Msnalmond says:

    How about the quadrant score?

  5. Kshashikanth says:

    Great..! Its working..! Awesome..!

  6. Magdy says:

    hello  iam having a serious issue with this rom, which is Wifi , when i try connect to my network it keep saying Obtaining adress forever , any fix ?

  7. Magdy says:

    and it looks like iam not the only one , Adriankim1984 is having the same problem

    • Shivam says:

      Hey Magdy, do the following to get the problem solved:

      1. Disable Lagfix (if activated)
      2. Wipe Everything (Data, Cache, Dalvik-Cache & Battery stats)
      3. Install Stock JVP Firmware
      4. Install CF-Root Kernel5. Install ‘F1 Galaxy S2’Done!

      btw Adrian got the problem solved. @50b60d1730be7a92d17ed06852524fab:disqus Please say it here also 😉

      • Magdy says:

        Thank you for the reply i was waiting for it , but can i flash my speedmod-kernel-k15h-t22-300hz  after that again ?? iam not really an expert but i think speedmod is the best, or am i wrong ?

        • Magdy says:

          i have just did that,  and nothing helped 🙁

          • Adriankim1984 says:

            have the same problem before… but problem fixed already, thanks to kapil and androidsoul facebook account… try flashing it back to XXJVP after that flash again the cf-root… make sure to clear the data, cache, dalvik, and battery stats. 

            i got problem before on wifi before when i did not clear the battery stats.

          • Magdy says:

            Thank you man i have done that and i can now connect to my wifi , but i have bigger problem now, which is slow browser and slow gallery , my mobile is not …smooth , and i have tried every kernel available , and i wiped everyyy thinggg

          • Adriankim1984 says:

            try installing the voodoo lagfix.. if you had it already try enabling it on recovery.

  8. Massimo says:

    Hi i just installed the ginger 2.3.4 xxjvq , i was wondering if i can install this rom on it , or if i have to reinstall the 2.3.3 before. thanks

  9. Augustine Acquah says:

    Hi all, i followed this tutorial and got the galaxy s II custom rom installed. the installation went through perfectly. After using the phone for some hours i realised the phone periodically keeps rebooting on its own. its done that more than 5 times since yesterday. I will appreciate any help offered me. i am a little new with android. thank u.

    • Shivam says:

      Did you cleared Dalvik Cache before installing this ROM? If not, then try
      clearing now via recovery.

      It may help..

      • Augustine Acquah says:

        Hi Shivam,i think i did clear Dalvik Cache before running the installation. i also tried reinstalling the ROM but the phone wont boot past the galaxy s logo it happened twice. i have flashed the phone again with the xxjvp gingerbread ROM. i like the galaxy sII ROM but i am afraid to install it again, i am scared i may damage my phone in the process. i will still appreciate any help offered to get the rom back on my phone without any problems.

        Does any of you who have the S II ROM installed get your phones restarting unexpectedly?

        • Mohamed Magdy says:

          Hello Augstine , i have had this ” stuck ” issue when i was first installing this rom , you need to go to recovery and disable voodoo lag fix , it is what is making you boot loop , try it and let me know how it works for u 🙂

  10. Adriankim1984 says:

    keeps crashing…. very unstable.

    • Adriankim1984 says:

      i will wait for better release.. i love it but keeps crashing specialy when playing games. will switch to stable version XXJVQ.

  11. Mattak says:

    Been using for 24 hours. Previously had 2.3.3 CWM running. This is SOO much faster! Very stable so far and liking the TW4.
    I notice in your comparison vid, you’ve got the custom switch-off animation. can you post the xda link to get that… cheers!

  12. kt says:

    Thanks for wonderful ROM. It worked perfectly on my SGS.

  13. abdallakhalid1997 says:

    thank u a lot its like a dream come true to use it 

  14. Debastiani89 says:

    Hi, I’m totally new to Android and the installation process ran just damn fine ! Thanks a lot !

  15. deathword214 says:

    hi, please help me, i had installed custom roms before that drain my battery at a high rate, this one does the same ?

  16. deathword214 says:

    hi, please help me, i had installed custom roms before that drain my battery at a high rate, this one does the same ?

  17. deathword214 says:

    Also, the link is broken. I download it as a guest, and after waiting 15 seconds, the file downloads as a .html file.

  18. Imtiaz Ahmad says:

    Hi, is this F1 S2 custom ROM available for XXJVR? I have got XXJVR and would like to try the custom ROM. 

  19. Sushilsthapit says:

    Hi after having this rom in my galaxyS I am having one issue my home button the one in the center is not working… do physically damaged but no response… what to do plz email me at

  20. Sushilsthapit says:

    Hi after having this rom in my galaxyS I am having one issue my home button the one in the center is not working… not physically damaged but no response… what to do plz email me at

  21. Anonymous says:

    I did all the steps and at the end say can not open the zip file and

  22. Ozzie says:

    Hello, I am using this ROM for a couple of weeks now, and I like it very much it looks good and it is very fast, but I got one problem, my phone freezes completely  atleast once a day, which is very frustrating.

    I would like to know if anyone else is having this same problem, and if their is a solution for this problem.

    thanks in advance!

    • Alexandru_mage says:

      Yes, i had the same problem so i unnistalled it. Untill than, i had to reboot it each time.
      As a personal note: Is anyone in here willing to help any of us? I posted such a comment 3 week ago WTH???

  23. Henk says:

    will this word for the samsung galaxy s plus too?

  24. cj says:

    bro,my phone always got freeze when clearing memory…
    how to solve it?

  25. gigi's says:

    what is that data speed/monitoring app in the status bar?

  26. Bane says:

    i have
    Samsung I9000 Galaxy S with 8gb i don’t have sd card can i install it? 😀

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