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Get Louder Sound on Galaxy Nexus Running Jelly Bean Android 4.1 With Audio Improvement Patch


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  • vitamin_s

    did exactly whats written.. sound is still low


    Here is a simple solution that actually works for increasing the Ringtone Volume part of the Problem facing the Jelly bean GNex.
    Since it’s fairly clear, none of the apps increase the dismal Ringtone volume on Jelly Bean or ICS for that matter, I took a simpler more direct route. Using the RingTone maker app, I opened the Ringtone I wanted, Increased the Volume by +3 (They let you go to 5 but it is to distorted for my tastes) and Viola! A ringtone, easily twice as loud and one that I can hear when the phone is in my pants pocket, even on the City streets. Problem Solved!

  • carguy

    I followed instructions to the T and still no better. I really wish samsung or Google would fix this!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nope, only thing that works is the equalizer and just for Google Play.
    No increase in Notifications/Ringer/Alarm/other apps or in call volume. :(

  • Warren Buddin

    It flashed fine, and I selected Awesome Beats, but I don’t really notice a difference in volume …

    • Warren Buddin

      **UPDATE** After selecting in settings, you have to open the app and ‘enable’, and select effect strength. It works.

      • Warren Buddin

        Update to my Update :) … Is a different kernel required for this to work properly? After playing with it for a bit, I don’t notice a significant difference in volume.

  • Andy Ceaser

    I nstalled t on 4.0.4 its bricked my phone ay pointers????

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      You should reinstall your current ROM from recovery, without wiping data. You shouldn’t have tried it on 4.0.4 when it’s specifically mentioned it’s for Android 4.1 :)