Get Android 4.3 Update on T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 SGH-T889


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  • جمال عدس


    • Musthafa S

      It is a stock ROM. For S Pen to work you will need TouchWiz ROM

  • jaeddu

    when do you anticipate pen functionality?

  • Alex

    I got it to work. Had the same issue with freezing on first load up but fixed it. This is my first time btw at rooting, backing up and installing roms. It is pretty cool with some great features that I’ve grown to love instantly. And it is absolutely noticeably faster in almost all aspects. Much respect to developer. Camera issue here too. Restart solves for one more shot haha. However I’ve experienced many other problems, volume buttons stop working at times, jumps to apollo music from anywhere at times, in many diff apps and even in actual android the screen blinks to black with only parts of the screen visible like bottom half or top part, this is sensitive to your touch so as soon as you touch the screen it you can see everything again, so you constantly move your finger on the screen to keep everything visible. The biggest issue that is making me switch however, is bad data connection. With LTE on just doesnt work I figured out recently, and turning it off solves it kinda, connection just constantly drops everywhere, constant problems on loading or syncing or anything because connection times out, keeps switching H+ to H to 3G. Very unstable in that field. All of this ironically made me miss multiview and swipe for screenshot and other stock stuff. Still very cool rom to try, will not dissapoint at all. I guess I can see why they are taking so long in updating the note 2.

  • Alex

    Did it. Had the same issue with booting cm getting stuck on load up. But then wiped it, reinstalled rom and gapps and voila. Known issue with camera. But everything else does feel smoother and nicer. Overall happy with the decision. First time rooting and flashing and all that. Just 1 question, Does this have multiview?? If not possible to install? Thanks.

  • Alex

    need help here 4g-4g not working

  • jeff

    just install but 4g is not working, any tips ??

  • Mohamed Safarulla

    i installed it from CWM but it is not finding the base band and no services other than that everything looked quite.

  • amy hawks

    will lte still work?

  • Damien Bricka

    It has been booting and it has stopped on the CyanogenMod screen for over an hour. What a waste of time.

    • Kapil

      You sure you did factory reset/wipe data? If not, do that now and it should restart fine.

      • Damien Bricka

        I took the battery and sim card out put the battery back him bootted. And reput sim card back works fine know.

        • Kapil

          Cool. Not a waste of time, now, right? Do share you experience… would love to read your thoughts on it :)

          • Damien Bricka

            Quick question how do I make the pen work?

          • Kapil

            oh, pen won’t work… should have mentioned that GNote devices :(

          • Damien Bricka

            ok I can work without it. Either wise the phone seems a lot faster and easier to use

  • David

    how do you keep the wifi calling and mms feature? I always lose wifi calling and mms when flashing Cyanogenmod roms?

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