Get Android 4.0 ICS Transition Animations On Your Rooted Android Phones [Step by Step Guide]


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  • kavi


  • Anonymous

    Couple things:

    1) This comment doesn’t make sense to me:

    “Now go inside keepresanim and delete every file with the same name as every file of the “anims” folder of the zip downloaded.”

    Not sure what you are asking us to do?

    2) During your entire tutorial you lead us by the hand, then in your final comment you seem to expect us to implicitly know how to make a zip file out of this or to sign the apk.

    “Now you can create a flashable zip or you can simply push it to your system (but you have to sign the apk).”

  • Slvx456

    What do you guys mean by every same name file? like ones that say wallpaper_Example and wallpaperexample or like wallpaper_example and wallpaper_Edify. Cause I really don’t see anything named exactly the same.