Samsung Gear S2 is receiving Gear S3 features via an OTA update starting today

Samsung launched the Gear S3 a while ago, and it looks it’s been pretty quick to get the new features from the Gear S3 down to last gen watch of the series, Gear S2. The update is already rolling out as an OTA starting today.

The screenshots you see above have a plenty of Gear S3 mentions, but we’re yet to hear form users whether it’s as smooth as it should be or not, to know whether the old hardware is keeping up or not.

It’s great news for the Gear S2 users, and if you own one, it’s time you looked for the system update.

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Meanwhile, the Android blogosphere is buzzing with the Nougat updates, also including several of Samsung’s own. The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are already getting a taste of Nougat thanks to beta builds — which is good as even the budget level have Android 7.0 build thanks to CM14 — while the rumors about the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 beta builds are growing stronger.

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