Gameloft Android Games Might Feature Unreal Engine 3

Unreal Engine 3 is very famous in the PC gaming world and has produced some very big titles like Gears of War I&II, Mass Effect I&II and Unreal Tournament 3, etc. Now, we’re hearing that Gameloft is keen to bring it on smartphones and has indeed, signed a deal too with Epic Games — owner of Unreal tech — to produce as many as 4 games using the Epic’s Unreal 3 engine. 2 games are said to hit sometime in 2011 while the other 2 are scheduled for next year. Now, before you jump with joy, know that there’s only hope — no guarantee — that all 4 games will make it too Android, of which there’s just a mention in the agreement without much solid info. But hey, with graphic-heavy games like Dungeon Defenders already on android and dual-core processor android phones and tablets expected to be everywhere in 2011, expecting all the 4 titles (whatever they are) isn’t too much. Right?

Via Phandroid

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