Galaxy Tab’s Super Shield, Gorilla Glass gets Broken in Just 35 cm Drop [FAIL]


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  • Hannah

    Just dropped mine from about 1 foot and it is a shattered mess. I had an i-phone for years that was much sturdier and never cracked when it dropped.

  • Maar

    Hi guys,
    How much does it cost to replace the broken shield?

    • Kapil

      Well, No Idea! Contact the local Samsung Store or from where you purchased it. But do let us know too when you find out!

  • hicham

    mine was broken too a, please if anyone know where i can find a replacement please help :(

  • Treta

    mine is a complete mess after a 1 meter fall :'(

  • Ben

    Yes, it is not as durable as it claims. Mine cracked too, and bigger than yours on the same corner!