Galaxy Tab’s Super Shield, Gorilla Glass gets Broken in Just 35 cm Drop [FAIL]


Gorilla Glass Broken

Do you expect the super solid gorilla glass — that solid screen found on Samsung Galaxy S phones and Galaxy Tab — to crack on being dropped? Obviously not if you know a thing ot two about its quality and all claims associated with it, and esp more if you’ve seen it survive as many as 3 air pellets fired from a compressed air chamber gun.

But luck still matters, ask the Tabber Specialosio — one of the 3 million members at XDA — whose Tab betrayed him (and Samsung too!) by succumbing to a fall from humble height of just 30-35 cm (as claimed by Specialosio). Notice the crack in the pic!

Agreed, this is just one-time-incident with all those not-so-sure details about the person as well as the incident itself, but if you know us, we simply like sharing these sort of events with you. And we think you guys love the too, but do let us know how much and that in comments.

BTW, is the time ripe for next-gen glass tech, let’s say the Rhino glasses (in concepts ot otherwise)?

Galaxy Tab


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6 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Yes, it is not as durable as it claims. Mine cracked too, and bigger than yours on the same corner!

  2. Treta says:

    mine is a complete mess after a 1 meter fall :'(

  3. hicham says:

    mine was broken too a, please if anyone know where i can find a replacement please help 🙁

  4. Maar says:

    Hi guys,
    How much does it cost to replace the broken shield?

  5. Hannah says:

    Just dropped mine from about 1 foot and it is a shattered mess. I had an i-phone for years that was much sturdier and never cracked when it dropped.

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