Galaxy S7 Nougat update: April security patch released as version G930PVPU4BQD2

Update [May 05, 2017]: The April security patch is being rolled out from Sprint. The OTA update is identified as build G930PVPU4BQD2 and brings along minor performance improvements and deals with bugs present on the previous build. Before downloading the update, ensure that your device has sufficient charge and back up your important data.

Update [May 02, 2017]: Nougat is finally arriving to the unlocked variant of the Galaxy S7 as version G930UUEU4BQD2 . The update brings features like bundled notifications, quick reply, multi-window support, improved doze mode and a new user interface. The update also includes the April security patch along with various bug fixes too. Download the update over WiFi to save on additional data charges.

Update [May 01, 2017]: Verizon is pushing out a new update to the Galaxy S7. The update, identified as version G930VVRU4BQC5, installs the April security patch. This ensures that your device stays protected from malware and other viruses. Before downloading the update, make sure that you have at least 50% charge and back up your important data.

Update [April 21, 2017]: Nougat is now making its way to the Galaxy S7 on US Cellular. With Android 7.0 Nougat, you can now have bundled notifications, quick reply from notification shade, multi window support, a redesigned user interface and a whole lot more. The update is seeding as software version G930R4TYU4BQC5, and brings along with it additional fixes and resolves other issues too. The update also delivers a better user experience by enhancing system stability.

Update [April 15, 2017]: The Galaxy S7 now has the April security patch available for download. The OTA update comes in as software version G930FUBU1BQC2, and applies the latest security patches to your device. If you haven’t already received the update notification, head over to Settings » About » Software update and check manually. This update also resolves other issues and adds minor performance tweaks too.

Update [April 04, 2017]: Sprint is now rolling out the March security patch to the Galaxy S7. The update which is Nougat based, goes by software version G930PVPS4BQC1 and is a pretty small in size, weighing in at 50MB. In addition to the security patch, the update also brings bug fixes and performance improvements over the previous build.

Update [March 06, 2017]: Finally! Yes, finally, the Verizon Galaxy S7 units are also receiving the much-desired Android 7.0 Nougat update. The software version of the Verizon S7 Nougat build is G930VVRU4BQA2, and because it’s Nougat, it packs in lots of cool stuff. Mainly: split screen, bundled notifications with direct reply feature, as also, quickly switching to previous app by double tapping on Recents key, new UI in Settings app, better gaming thanks to Vulkan API support, better quick toggles, and improved Doze mode (meaning better battery life).


Apart from the goodness of Google’s additions in Verizon S7 QA2 Nougat OTA, there is more. You can now select an image for the Always-on-display on your Verizon S7, preview all effects live in camera app before choosing to take snap, Samsung Pass, performance mode, and automatic re-connection to secure wireless routers. Lastly, the Go90 app has been removed with this update from the Verizon S7.

Update [February 18, 2017]: The Android 7.0 Nougat update has hit USA too, as both AT&T and T-Mobile have released their own Nougat builds for their Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge android devices. T-Mobile leads the distribution as it began rolling out the Nougat OTA yesterday, followed swiftly by AT&T, which is a surprise considering they have a bad history of chipping in with Android version upgrades only after considerably delay. The OTA comes as software version G930TUVU4BQB1 and G935TUVU4BQB1 for T-Mobile Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge sets, while that carrying AT&T’s logo bear the build number of G930AUCU4BQA6 and G935AUCU4BQA6.


Update [January 17, 2017]: Android 7.0 Nougat update rolling out for everyone starting today. The update comes with firmware build G930FXXU1DPLT, is around 1291.19MB in size and is available for download as we speak. If you haven’t received the update notification yet, check for it manually via Settings » About device » Download updates manually section. This is a public release and you do NOT need to be on a beta firmware to get this.


Update [January 16, 2017]: As per reports from China, Samsung has halted the official Android 7.0 Nougat update for Galaxy S7 Edge released on January 12. Instead, Android 7.0 Beta 7 has been released with build G9350ZCU2ZQA4. Read more here.


Update [January 12, 2017]: Samsung is now rolling out the stable Android 7.0 Nougat update to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge users. Firmware build for the S7 Edge is G935FXXU1DPLT. We don’t have a build for the S7 devices, but it should be something similar. The update is currently rolling out to users who participated in the Galaxy Beta program only, for everyone else, the update will roll out on January 17th.


Update [January 04, 2017]: A build was leaked as screenshot on the Internets today, that shows a Samsung devices running Android 7.0 build with January security patch level. The baseband number of what appears to be final stable Nougat release from Samsung is G935FXXU1DPLR. This is said to be a soak test for certain set of users in a certain country, but even though we already knew, this one confirms that the Galaxy S7 Android 7.0 update is pretty close to release now. Here’s the leaked image of About device screen.


Update [December 20, 2016]: Samsung has released yet another update as Nougat beta software, and this one comes as G930FXXU1ZPLH. The OTA runs around 280MB in size, and improves system performance, fixes bugs, while removing the Samsung Notes app. See the screenshot below.


Update [November 22, 2016]: AT&T has released the November patch update for its Galaxy S7, and it comes as build G930AUCS4APK1. There is nothing else part of the update that is sized around 49MB, while the wait for AT&T Galaxy S7 Android 7.0 update continues. The given PK1 build hardly looks like the penultimate one to Nougat update.


Update [November 17, 2016]: Verizon has released an update to its Galaxy S7 that comes as build PI3 build, full version being G930VVRU4API3. The update removes the Samsung Milk Music service that has been discontinued, and installs November security patch. That’s your changelog. The Nougat beta is yet to be available for the Verizon Galaxy S7, but the wait shouldn’t be long now.


Update [November 09, 2016]: The Nougat beta update OTA is now released the Galaxy S7 sets in Korea, and is expected to roll out to other markets pretty soon too. Below you have the screenshot of the S7 Edge OTA, along with all the details like it’s got Android 7.0, US custom skin, etc. stuff. The build no. of the Nougat beta OTA in Korea is G930SKSU1ZPK4, G930KKKU1ZPK4 and G930LKLU1ZPK4 for carriers SK Telecom, KT Corporation and LG U Plus. Also see the screenshots below of the Android 7.0 build, in Korean though.


Galaxy S7 Nougat beta update screenshots

Although in Korean, it should get you an idea of the Grace UX coming with Android 7.0 Nougat update.

Update [November 05, 2016]: The November patch dedicated update is now available for the T-Mobile Galaxy S7, coming in as software version G930TUVU4APK1. We also have the PK1 update available as firmware, so if you are out of luck with system update OTA, then just hit up our S7 firmware page and grab the update now for manual installation. The November patch update is also available on the international Galaxy S7, model no. G930F, as shown in the screenshot below.


Update [November 04, 2016]: The Samsung Android 7.0 Nougat update is now available as beta, but with some many caveats. Samsung has released a new app in its Galaxy Apps store, called “Galaxy beta program” and while the app is installable on any Galaxy device, it’s up to Samsung to push the Nougat update on the devices it think is eligible.

→ Download the Galaxy beta programme APK. To participate in the beta program, download the APK file just provided, and install the app using it on your Samsung device. Then, open the app and enroll yourself to receive the Nougat update under beta testing when your device becomes eligible. We expect Samsung to start rolling out the update via app on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge first. And the Nougat release should be happening pretty soon now, starting this week or next week at best. See the screenshots below.

Nougat-beta-apk samsung-Nougat-update

Update [October 31, 2016]: A new update packing the October patch is out for the Galaxy S7 in Canada with build no. G930W8VLU2APJ4 (FYI, all carriers have the same build). Nothing else seems part of the update and a proper changelog isn’t available either, so that’s that. Do accept the PJ4 updates if you get a system update notification on your device.

Update [October 26, 2016]: Even though we are expecting the Nougat update to arrive now, more so vindicated by the Samsung’s own testing of its own apps for Android 7.0 support (see below for more), we are still seeing only 6.0.1 builds roll on. Today, Sprint is outing its October patch dedicated update called G930PVPS4APJ2 for its Galaxy S7 users.


Update [October 25, 2016]: Samsung just updated its SideSync app in the Galaxy Apps store to reflect the fact that it supports Android 7.0. Which basically leads us to believe the Samsung is testing out its Apps with Android 7.0 update that is now hopefully ready to hit the release. Right?

Update [October 17, 2016]: Samsung has released the October patch for the Galaxy S7 for the model no. G930F, as build G930FXXS1BPJ1. If you remember, the PJ1 build is the same set of letters at the end of firmware build that brought the October patch to Galaxy A8 and J7 Prime some days ago. The PJ1 update is also available for the Galaxy S7 edge, so that’s another device currently rocking the October patch. Here’s the part of build.prop of the PJ1 update that brings the patch. Download the update on our S7 Firmware page.


Update [September 28, 2016]: T-Mobile has started pushing out the G930TUVU4APIA update for its Galaxy S7 edge sets. The update brings the September patch level to go with Time/date update, and Various system improvements. Let’s hope PIA is the last update we’re seeing for the S7 on Marshmallow, and the next one bases it self on Android 7.0 Nougat. Which it’s possible, it likely won’t be the case — at least for the T-Mobile S7, but as regards, global S7 variant, it’s entirely possible that we see the Nougat update drop next month.

[September 28, 2016]: AT&T released a September patch of its own too earlier, known by the software version G930AUCS4API2. There is nothing else mentioned by AT&T in the changelog, so we will take it as that. Besides, the PI2 update’s size is just 47.2 MB, so, what else could be aprt of the update at this size, right?

[September 25, 2016]: Galaxy S7 in Canada is receiving the new update with software version G930W8VLU2API1. We don’t have the changelog with us right now, but it’s pretty obvious that the update packs in September security fix, like all other updates that have released for the S7 variants.

Sprint has started roll out of a new update carrying the software version G930PVPU2APH7. It’s not Nougat, but do read more about it in the Sprint section below.

Samsung has started rolling out the new software version for its Galaxy S7 in Europe, that is dubbed as G930FXXU1BPHJ, and packs in September patch level of Google’s monthly security updates, which is, obviously latest right now. Gotta say, it didn’t took Samsung much time, as we’re still only 6 days into the month, so let’s Samsung is this much timely with Nougat update too.


Verizon Galaxy S7 has no official Nougat confirmation yet, but the carrier is surely keeping device up to date in the best way possible. Look for the G930VVRU2APG5 update below in Verizon section, as some new features are pretty interesting.

As was rumored earlier, Android Nougat is now out for Nexus devices, beginning August 22. There are high hopes now from Samsung that it will be updating its Galaxy S7 soon, and we’re guessing for the September release, which is next month. That would be good because even by September end, the Nexus devices would be rocking the Nougat update for one month and 9 days — a period during which devices like Galaxy S7 should definitely get 7.0 update.

Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup has always been the first among Samsung devices to receive the latest and greatest Android OS as an OTA update. So, it seems quite assured that the first Samsung device to rock Nougat update will be the Galaxy S7, and/or the S7 Edge — although Note 7 stands a good chance too.

But because Samsung has had more time to develop Nougat for S7 than Note 7, which is under pre-order stage right now, we would bet in favor of Nougat releasing for the S7 well before the Note 7.

If you remember, Samsung released Ice Cream Sandwich on Galaxy S2 first, before starting distribution for first-ever Galaxy Note (the latest Note piece at the moment), a trend which has continued till today, as same was the case between Galaxy S3 and Note 2, and also later Galaxy S and Galaxy Note sets.

Read: Will Galaxy S5 get Nougat update (unofficially)?

But when would Android Nougat release for Galaxy S7 remains a question we loo forward to answer here.

With Google doing all it possibly can to bring faster updates to table — it has already shared Nougat’s code with major Android OEMs, as evidenced from Huawei P9’s Nougat firmware leak — chances of the way-quicker Android OS update are kind of best ever at this moment.

Recently LG said that its V20 will the first device to launch with Android 7.0, which means the company is already working on it, and has a near-stable build ready too, because its V20 will be launching in September, before the Nexus devices of 2016.

So, we can reasonable determine that Samsung too has been playing with Nougat code for long now, and has a near-stable Android Nougat build ready too for certain Galaxy device in Galaxy S7. And there is a good bunch of Galaxy S6 users waiting for Nougat too, apart from the Note 5 and Note 7 users, so Samsung can’t be resting easy.

After all, Samsung’s record with major Android updates isn’t too shabby, although it’s far behind Motorola which uses stock Android UI on its phones, thus allowing it to bring faster Android updates.

From the looks of it, if V20 can get a Nougat firmware ready for its launch by September, then surely we can expect Samsung to release the Nougat OTA update for Galaxy S7 by September-end, or in October.

If that happens, it will be BIG thing really, because last year, Samsung’s latest flagship in Galaxy S6 was updated to latest Android OS update in Marshmallow only by 22nd February 2016, around 139 days since Marshmallow first began rolling out for Nexus devices. That’s around 4+ months of wait time over Nexus devices.

If Samsung manages to distribute the Nougat update by September-end, it would present a maximum of 1.5 months of wait time even if Nougat releases for Nexus devices in mid-August (Google is expected to release Nougat in August). Which is nice!

What do you think when Nougat could hit the Galaxy S7?

Anyway, let’s talk about when we think different variants of Galaxy S7 would be gracing the Nougat world, because carriers can make or break all things updates.

Galaxy S7 Nougat update: What’s New?

The Nougat update packs in some serious under the hood improvements that Android OS has needed for long. First up, you get serious revamp of Settings app and Notification shade. Settings app now shows extra info which makes tapping into its items a less often because info is shown right there on the main screen.

The notifications shade groups the incoming from one app to keep the shade clutter-free, and you can always expand them all to have a view of them all notifications. Expand a bit more to get direct reply options — another addition of Android 7.0 — and that improves the productivity a lot, really!

Other than those two big changes, there’s a new Vulkan API support for games, which improves visuals by high margin. Then you get spacious recents screen, with ability to go back to previous with recents key double tap. The addition of data saver and multi-window further spices up things, all in all meaning, you definitely don’t want to miss on the update.

Now, that was all from Google, here’s something Samsung wants to give you — as per Sammobile — with the Nougat update: the GrazeUX — currently running the show on Note 7. The S7 and S7 Edge are deploying the TouchWiz UI, Samsung’s custom skin since the days of Galaxy S, which Samsung folded out in favor of new GraceUX in Note 7. Build G930FXXU1ZPI9 is rumored to be Nougat test build, and the final version would come with GraceUX atop.

International Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F/G/H/i)

Expected release date: October-November 2016.

As we said above, if LG can ready up its V20 by September-end with Android 7.0 Nougat pre-installed, we see no reason why Samsung couldn’t update its latest and greatest Galaxy S device in S7 to Android 7.0 by October-end.

Technically, it should be able to update Galaxy S7 to Nougat by September-end if company’s software team is burning as much midnight oil working on quicker Nougat update as LG’s.

There haven’t been any solid major updates coming out for Galaxy S7 so far, which already launched with latest OS in Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and had all the stuff like Samsung Pay, HD calling, etc. already pre-installed.

So, Android 7.0 Nougat would be a pretty BIG update for Galaxy S7, and its first major one too. Let’s hope Samsung is able to deliver the Nougat update for S7 by October-end, but if not, it should not be later than November.


Update (September 24, 2016): Here’s some solid news that should make your day! See the screenshot above, it comes from Geekbench bench-marking app’s site, showing the S7 running Android 7.0 Nougat. There many more such pages appearing at the site, meaning the app is being used to run through the device with Nougat test build installed. With test build looking so much ready, the Nougat release shouldn’t be far now, right?

AT&T Galaxy S7 (SM-G930A)

Expected release date: December 2016.

AT&T recently release a feature-rich update for its S7, one that brought Wi-Fi calling ability to the device. But besides that, no major update has been pushed towards S7, and there we don’t have any complaints either for this — after all, the S7 is already power-packed with features at its launch.

So, Nougat update will be first major update for AT&T Galaxy S7 too.

Now, because AT&T — together with Verizon — is one of the worst carriers around the world that is irritatingly slow when it comes to updates, we can’t help but add a few months to the date when the first Nougat update comes out — or is expected to come out — for any variant of Galaxy S7.

Hence, if we are hopeful of October 2016 release for international Galaxy S7’s Nougat update, then it has to be December 2016, if not January 2017, for AT&T Galaxy S7.

You can keep an eye on the latest software update available for the AT&T S7 at the official support page here.

Sprint Galaxy S7 (SM-G930P)

Expected release date: November 2016.

Sprint proved it with the Marshmallow update for Galaxy S6 that it can be pretty quick, at least among the US carriers, with the latest Android OS update. It has proven that it pays due attention to major Android updates, and can release them quicker too.

For Marshmallow, international variant of the S6 was the first to receive the update, on 22nd February 2016, and only half-a-month or so later, Sprint was able to release the Marshmallow for its own S6, on 10th March 2016.

If Samsung is able to push on the release button for international Galaxy S7 by October 2016, November is when we could see Sprint do the same for its Galaxy S7 users.

For latest updates available for the Sprint S7, check out this official page here.


Sprint has started rollout of another update before Nougat comes on eventually, and it’s the software version G930PVPU2APH7. Changelog: The update brings more stability to the touch of the device while also packing in September security patch from Google. Size is around 297 MB.

T-Mobile Galaxy S7 (SM-G930T)

Expected release date: November 2016.

Sprint and T-Mobile are at the same level when it comes to updates. Both are among the first ones in US to release an update for their sets.

T-Mobile was the first one to release Android 5.1.1 update for Galaxy S6, while Sprint took the honor with Marshmallow with T-Mobile not lagging far behind — it took latter 28 days extra after Sprint started rolling out the Marshmallow for its S6.

But, knowing T-Mobile — for as long as we do — we’re sure T-Mobile Galaxy S7 Nougat update wouldn’t be far behind once the update is released for any one variant of the S7 around the world. Hence, the November 2016 timeline.

You can always find out the latest software update available for the T-Mobile Galaxy S7, including when Android Nougat becomes available, at the official page here.

Ok, even though obvious, T-Mobile has made it official that their Galaxy S7 would soon rock Nougat.


T-Mobile has announced that they are upgrading their LTE to even more advanced version, deploying the 4×4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple output) tech, along with another new tech that is 256 QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) for downloads and 64 QAM for uploads, which would combine to result in up to 400Mbps download speed. Amazing, right?

Now the thing is, that these speeds would be enabled on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge first, coming as an update late this month, September. This should precede the Nougat update for the device, so when Android 7.0 comes knocking, you will definitely experience much less download time if you choose to use mobile data because of the above two techs.

A new update is rolling out for the T-Mobile Galaxy S7 that is known by its build no. G930TUVU3APG1. While T-Mobile has kept shy of the changelog, we think the PG1 update is all about monthly security patches from Google, and that it’s not Android 7.0 Nougat yet.

Verizon Galaxy S7 (SM-G930V)

Expected release date: December  2016.

Like AT&T, Verizon is disappointingly slow in approving and pushing the updates, even when the same update has been out for other variants for long time.

For S6 Marshmallow, Verizon’s set took 38 days more than international variant, while compared to Nexus devices, it took 177 days more. Uh, actually, luckily for S6 users, it’s not that bad as it used to be earlier, because by Verizon’s standards, 38 days gap is actually more of update done quickly and lately.

If Verizon is able to maintain this time gap between Nougat release for international variant and its, then one could expect the Nougat update to hit Verizon Galaxy S7 by December 2016 — which would be great!

The carrier’s S6 didn’t get Marshmallow until March-end, so December release of Nougat would be a good thing, right?

The carrier’s official page for the all Galaxy S7 updates can be found here.

Update (September 9, 2016): A new update with build number G930VVRU2APG5 is available for Verizon Galaxy S7, with some great feature addition and bug fixes. First up, you should see lesser call drops when using HD voice calls, while random power off and restarts should be fixed too (if any).

More interesting thing about the PG5 update, though, is introduction of live FM radio, so that you can fine tune into your favorite station, and can use an app too like NextRadio. The update also packs in Barcode Beaming service, so that you don’t have to download a separate Barcode scanner app, as you will be able to scan barcodes with apps like Samsung Pay and Beep’n Go.

Update (September 20, 2016): A new build identified as G930VVRS4APH1 is rolling out for the Verizon S7 users starting today. The update is not Nougat of course, and it just updates your device with Google’s September patch for Android devices.

US Cellular Galaxy S7 (SM-G930R4)

Expected release date: November 2016.

By Marshmallow experience, we know that US Cellular isn’t too silly when it comes to updates, as it was able to push the 6.0 update before all other carriers in US except Sprint. That it took over T-Mobile will count as solid performance.

The carrier took only 28 days more since the Marshmallow started rolling out for the global Galaxy S6, hence we believe adding a month to expected date of Nougat release for international variant will serve as good indication of the US Cellular Galaxy S7 would be receiving its own update.

Thus, November 2016.

That said, we wouldn’t be surprised if the update is pushed a month further, down to December 2016, because such is the nature of carrier updates.

US Cellular maintains a single page for providing info about update for all of its devices, and which is where it will share the Galaxy S7 Nougat update news too, which can be found here.

Canadian Galaxy S7 (SM-G930W8)

Expected release date: November 2016.

Canadian carriers can surprise and be quick with the updates, although some of them could still lag behind even when the same update is out on other competing carriers.

We expect the Canadian Galaxy S7 to receive the Nougat update by the time T-Mobile Galaxy S7 manages it. More than once, we’ve seen that both hardware-wise and software-wise, T-Mobile and Canadian Galaxy sets of Samsung are very similar to each other.

Both Android 5.1.1 and Android 6.0.1 launched simultaneously for Canadian and T-Mobile Galaxy S6, too.

So, expected Nougat release date is same as that of T-Mobile Galaxy S7: November 2016.

Update: Telus would be updating its Galaxy S7 on September 19 with a new build, which will be a bug fixer update, also including the latest monthly security patches from Google.


That’s it from us.

What do you think when each carrier could be receiving the Android Nougat update? Will Sprint trump all other carriers like it did with Marshmallow, or will T-Mobile bounce back and take the price of first US carrier to roll out Nougat, latest Android OS, as it has done in the past more than several times?

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