Galaxy S3 Themed ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch, Based on FE22


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  • mofgug

    yea, you right tho

  • active93member

    its funny i was thinking the same thing…..its common sense to make the video rather then ridiculous step by step read along instructions. probably takes more time to type it then to just show us…people kill me when it comes to common sense and breaking it down for us who dont nerd out all damn day but want to update our devices….thats why i dont fuck with these sites and shit…i just wait for official updates from sprint….if sprint can make some shit where your phone does everything to update itself automaticly then why the hell do i need to follow a 32 million step process to do the same thing just earlier?!?!?! kinda make you wonder why these developers cant do it too, right? maybe they are not quite as smart as they think they are, and have led us to beleive…..just some food for thought. either buy the s3, or wait and see what sprint and samsung are going to do about updates…..unless you have time to play the developers crash dummy and spend 3 hours playing with shit that may or may not fuck your phone up.

  • mofgug

    bout ready to snap my phone in half

  • mofgug

    i dont understand this shit, not even a little bit…..i cant find the damn zip file on the phone….and since we are talking about this rom, why not just make a damn video on how to install it……not everybody is a fuckin genius….some of us do still need visuals