Galaxy S3 Specs and Pricing Rumored Once Again

Galaxy S3 Specs

Update (April 17, 2012): Well, more rumors but sadly, a little bit disappointing set of rumors. Not kidding, man, but some secret official in-the-know who remains anonymous, told CNET UK that Galaxy S3 will be a minor upgrade to last Galaxy model. Largely, it will be like what iPhone 4S is to iPhone 4 — which was an upgrade in processor and addition of Sire app.

So, things definitely look gloomy from here if one is to expect another S2 with some minor upgrade (just an addition of quad-core Exynos processor?). Also, it’s being said that there is new eye-tracking software, pre-installed, which might make some headlines.

But then again, if you give thought to what the last Galaxy device was, it was the actually the super cool Galaxy Nexus, and it already upgraded the Galaxy series to an HD display (1280 x720 pixels), and large 4.65 inch display with on-screen buttons. So adding a quad-core processor to the Nexus surely makes up for a very cool device, worth upgrading from whichever phone on earth you are using right now, not to forget the quad-core Exynos chip, which is surely one  game-changer thing.

So, what do you say? And what do you think is going around? We’ll surely have answers — the official ones, mind — on May 3 when Samsung will unveil its next Galaxy phone in London. But all this wait is killing, right?

Update (April 17, 2012): Of course, more rumors. But in case you didn’t know some official stuff Samsung cared to share, know that Samsung is officially unveiling the next Galaxy phone on May 3, and we can’t think of, or reason out, any other phone than the Galaxy S3 itself. But that aside, the latest rumors about that Galaxy S3 specs go on these lines:

  • 1080p display — if that happens, it will be first of its kind
  • Two Colors — One, Black and Blue, and another, White
  • Quad-Core Exynos Processor — well, you know what dual-core Exynos processor did to Galaxy S2 (hint: it made it world’s best phone for the time), so I’m more excited about the quad-core version of Exynos chip than any other spec here (giving 1080p some rest because that doesn’t seem to be happening really, that kind of display suits more for Galaxy S4, simply)
  • Two models — 16GB one, and 32GB
  • 4G LTE (wherever applicable) — guess there will be two variants as per data connectivity too (GSM and LTE?)

So, it could be like you might be going for Samsung Galaxy S3 GSM 16GB White, or the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE 32GB Black (you get the idea, right?).

That apart, London Olympics are key to Galaxy S3 marketing, and with such a marketing boost given to it, it’s being said that Samsung is looking forward to released the S3 in all (or most) markets together to fully bank on the Olympics advertising gig. The latest set of rumors come from BGR.

Update (March 20, 2012): Well it couldn’t get more better if the latest rumor comes true, that Galaxy S3 will indeed launch with a newer and better display, that is, 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD. Well in case you lost track of Amoled display, here’s a quickie: AMOLED (Nexus One, HTC Desire, etc.) » Super AMOLED (Galaxy S i9000) » Super AMOLED Plus (Galaxy S2 i9100) » Super AMOLED HD (Galaxy Nexus) » Super AMOLED Plus HD (Rumored for Galaxy S3). Earlier, it was said that Galaxy S3 will have Super AMOLED Plus display, sizing 4.8 inches, which of course, is not better that the newly rumored Super AMOLED Plus HD at 4.6-inches. Oh btw, the resolution of new 4.6-inch display is said to be 1280 x 720, which  means PPI would be 319.

Well, when someone of the reputation of Mr. Murtazin talks about a leak, you gotta sit up and listen, more so when it’s about the the the Galaxy S3. Latest Galaxy S3 specs tell of high-quality materials being used and more importantly, everything has been finalized and the S3 has entered production. Finally!

It’s said that Galaxy S3 will have ceramic back, and that’s just one of the several premium stuff S3 would boast of. Moreover, there is a word on pricing too — it will be costly and one could take iPhone 4S as a benchmark.

To get good idea of Galaxy S3 pricing, one needs to look at the prices of factory unlocked iPhone 4S, in European and Asian countries. here in India, iPhone 4S costs around INR 35000 ($700 approx.), but was launched several months ago for INR 42000 ($840 approx). So, going by this rumor, one could expect the price of Galaxy S3 to be around $750-900, and I guess that’s for 32GB model.

Back to specs, other rumors speculate a just 7mm thick body, while packing in quad-core processor — which should be Samsung’s own Exynos one — and 4.8-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, with ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 on-board, along with the ICS trademark on-screen buttons.

Well, that’s that, and now that design has been finalized and has entered production, we hope the release isn’t very far, although one can expect it to be an affair happening close to Olympics — June release date is being rumored for Russia, take note!

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  1. Gobbo says: Reply

    for $700+ they can stick it! I would not pay more than $500 for it. 

    1. Dan Shipman says: Reply

      i’d just get it on contract… mine will be due for upgrade about then

  2. S3 + Nexus ICS? says: Reply

    I am going to get this phone as soon as it’s out in my country. However I really hate the Touchwiz 4.0 skin from Samsung. It’s just a RAPED ICS really. Will there be a possibility to install a custom ROM from the Galaxy NEXUS 4.0 ICS? (Original ICS) I really like that skin and would love to have it on a S3.

  3. M G67677 says: Reply

    LOL you are all going to pay that for it when someone is selling to me for 250 euro lol.

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