Galaxy S3 Specs and Pricing Rumored Once Again


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  • M G67677

    LOL you are all going to pay that for it when someone is selling to me for 250 euro lol.

  • S3 + Nexus ICS?

    I am going to get this phone as soon as it’s out in my country. However I really hate the Touchwiz 4.0 skin from Samsung. It’s just a RAPED ICS really. Will there be a possibility to install a custom ROM from the Galaxy NEXUS 4.0 ICS? (Original ICS) I really like that skin and would love to have it on a S3.

  • Gobbo

    for $700+ they can stick it! I would not pay more than $500 for it. 

    • Dan Shipman

      i’d just get it on contract… mine will be due for upgrade about then