Galaxy S3 Launched in India, Priced at a Whopping INR 42500/- and Shipping Today!


Hope you’ve been saving every penny (or paisa in this case) in order to buy the Galaxy S3, as the official priced announced by Samsung is a whopping Rs. 42,500/- (it was announced at Rs. 43,180 initially, which actually became a trend on Twitter). And to think some people were expecting it to go on sale for under Rs. 35,000.

The phone will be shipping today at exactly the same price as mentioned above, with a free Bluetooth headset worth Rs. 2299 to go along, and also an additional gift worth Rs. 1499 for those who make a confirmed purchase between today and June 3rd.

Thanks to the steep price tag of the S3, the iPhone 4S no longer holds the crown of the costliest smartphone available in the Indian market, though when you compare the specs of both, the Galaxy S3 is quite a better deal. Of course, street prices should hover a little under Rs. 40,000, but even that won’t do much to heal the wounds the insane pricing has given the public.

You can place an order for the Galaxy S3 on Samsung’s official website. What do you think? Is it worth to spend such a huge amount or did Samsung just take a dagger and drive it right through your heart and make you cancel your plans to get one? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. it is expected to cost that much,, when s2 launched dollar price was 46 now its 55 .. products like smartphones will see an increase in price… world over s3 launched at the same price s2 was launched last year.. in india the cost is more because of increase in dollar rate

  2. scorpio says: Reply

    F**k man it is too costly as we ppl expected it around 32-34k, i think samsung has done a big mistake and frm my point of view the s3 is gonna flop…:(

    1. Abhijeet Mishra says: Reply

      For the specs, a price less than 35K was too much to hope for anyway. Flipkart lists it for 38900, but not that better either.

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