Galaxy S3 i9300 Video Leaked. It’s as much Real as a Leak can get.


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  • Vzx_41

    This is not the S3 it is the galaxy M this is old news. google galaxy M I9300 and look for yourself. It was suppose to be 1.4 GHz dual but they switched it out for the 1.4GHz quad. The Galaxy S3 will be 1.8 to 2.0GHz 

    • Kapil

      There is too much confusion right now as regards how many phones are in planning and what’s what. New ones we’ve heard abt (rumored) are GT-i9500 and N8000 (Galaxy note 2?)…. let’s wait and see what Samsung has to tell us on May 3, on their unpacked event.

  • Brosbol

    This is not how the phone is gonna look like, its just a ‘test case’ like a tin can where they put all the hardware in.

    • Kapil

      Hopefully, you are right :D

  • Benjamin Alvarez

    the desing of this phone sucks 

    • Kapil

      Yeah.. it’s a bit disappointing, to be fair. I would expect more from a successor of the Galaxy S2.

  • geek in white

    wait.. it is not running on ICS?

    • Kapil

      It is, look at on-screen buttons. It’s a bit themed, which can be expected from an OEM like Samsung. :D