Galaxy S Plus Pink Ribbon Edition (Ceramic White color) launched in Netherlands

Hey, look here — its Galaxy S. It’s back, again — this time it’s the Galaxy S Plus which has got a new color, Ceramic White, with a pink ribbon residing at the back, to show love towards the Pink Ribbon foundation and create awareness about the breast cancer. FYI, Pink Ribbon is a global charity organization, operated from new York, and works towards creating breast cancer awareness. Samsung would donate 10 euros for each Pink Ribbon Galaxy S Plus sold.

Sammy says it plans to donate 150,000 euros, which also means they expect around 1500 such handsets to be sold and thus 10 euros out of each sale will be donated, to meet the target. Maybe, it also means only 1500 Pink Ribbon edition have been made.

Samsung Galaxy Plus is a slightly improved form of Galaxy S, with a boost of 400 MHz in single core 1.4 GHz processor, and it has metallic body. Though, we’re not sure whether the Ribbon Edition Galaxy S Plus will have metallic body too, or just the Samsung trademark plastic cover at back.

Galaxy S Plus would run the latest Android v2.3 — but in today’s age of dual-core phones, a 1.4 GHz phone isn’t one of the bets anymore. Mid-range is more like it. Speaking of which, no details are available as t o pricing.

Wouldn’t it be more awesome if there was a pin ribbon edition of Galaxy S2, in place of Galaxy S Plus. But we guess, Sammy is already short on AMOLED displays while Super clear LCD displays used in Galaxy S Plus are in abundance.

And btw, not only Galaxy S Plus has a Pink Ribbon edition, Samsung’s little chat phone, Samsung Chat, also got one.

Via SammyHub

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