Samsung Galaxy S II already Rooted even Before the Release

It’s funny how Android phones get rooted even before the release. The latest phone to get pre-release-root is the Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S II — the successor to bestseller Galaxy S which sold more than 10 million units. Of course, with the super-spec-sheet Galaxy S II got, the device is being awaited wildly; more so in European and Asian countries where its predecessor was a huge success. Oh, about the root, obviously no one knows wheres and whos about the person and the device that got rooted, but it’s said that the root was achieved using the latest tool, Gingerbreak 1.1 — which, even though in testing, seems to be an all-in-one tool for rooting Android 2.3+ devices.

About the after-root stuff, it’s said overclocking couldn’t be done due to lack of appropriate kernel for it but, using the ‘droid overclock’ app from the market, boot into recovery was a success.

So, if you’re pro and want to boast of extreme root-addiction, now you can purchase a Galaxy S II as and when it gets released in your map area and root it within seconds of bringing it home, in the hope that it will provide some strange but huge being-pro satisfaction.

Oh, by the way, since there is no concrete proof available and we haven’t seen the device running root-hungry apps like titanium backup, etc, take it with as much grain of salt as you want.

And for what it’s worth, the quadrant score achieved by this earthling — who might be the first one to root Galaxy S II — is 2067, yep, much lower than what we previously saw on Galaxy S II, at some 3053 — but it’s still very good. You can watch the score yourself on the video below, but don’t hope to catch the glimpse of that superuser app in the video, yep, we’re a bit disappointed too to not see that, even after the root claim.


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