Galaxy S Android 4.0.4 IMM76I ROM — F1 GalaxyNexus


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  • Andessen

    Ive done everything correctly up to step 12, after hitting yes the phone just keeps rebooting and rebooting, it goes from the galaxy s start page to a picture of an android and lots of writing scrolls up, it keeps doing this,could someone please provide assistance

    • Kapil

      I meant, place it back.

    • Kapil

      Remove battery for 4-5 seconds and then place or back. Then reboot to recovery mode and then do factory reset from there. Then reboot. It should be okay now.

  • Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen

    I’ve been using this ROM now for a couple of weeks, and I am really happy with it.

    One thing was that when I recently updated my operator contract to flat-rate data, I noticed that activating data would freeze the normal phoning functionality (calling and receiving calls) until I rebooted.

    I solved this by installing the semaphore ICS 1.2.0 kernel from – after that everything is working.

  • ‘Fatih Aytekin

    thanx but how can I android 4 Video Call ? I don’t find :S

  • Renato Vicente

    what does this Rom is functioning correctly despite some problemas.Mas it has the program to make downloads of (GAPS. .. etc..). To correct then

  • Renato Vicente

    The phone does not work properly and is full of conflicts that do not make a call and call is blocked.
    If someone calls me the caller hears the ringing tone
    but the phone does not ring or the signal appears someone is calling. With the default block while trying to unlock it starts to move alone. I installed everything according to what was being explained. For me the ROM, and a bad ROM. I wonder if somebody else had the same problems

    • Shillie

      i have the same problem and dont know how to solve it…
      anyone knows?

  • Jeet Dholakia

    Which one is better AOKP mildstone 5 or this one according to you??

    • Abhijeet Mishra

      AOKP if you want good customization options. This Rom will have better performance as it’s more stock, but you really need to try it to see which one is better