Galaxy S Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread Custom ROM – Juwe ROM v2.5


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  • Capnrik

    i switched over last night…unfortunately, i’m running into several bugs…

    * If i call out or someone calls me, I have to put it on speaker phone or else I can’t hear them.

    * If i power up my phone…I can send texts…but after a couple hours…if i try to send a text it fails until i reboot again.

    * Also if i’m talking to someone…I can’t go to the home screen.

    * Some issues with apps that I had previously…but that may have to do with the apps.

    …buut i’m also getting the Kernel Panic Upload Mode error sometimes… :/ i’ll probably just have to do a clean sweep and see if that fixes it. hahaha  

    Will do that now and let you know if it fixes the issues…

  • johnny

    Thanx man

  • johnny

    Will your next versions kernal support voodoo sound?

    • Kapil

      Hey, I’m not the developer of this ROM. It’s developer by XDA member, Juwe11 — I’ve provided details about him in the article.
      But, I think the future ROMs — not necessary the next ones — will definitely support VooDoo sound kernel once solid Android 2.3 builds come from Samsung. Or, let’s say, once Samsung releases the official Android 2.3 for Galaxy S. And I think it’s coming soon!

  • Stripe

    I made the mistake of putting the rom on my external SD, lucky CWM has options to rescue you from that.

  • Nedim

    First this is upgrade to leaked Android firmware 2.3.2.
    So, please do read before adding comment. Second, there is new version of this at xda…

  • Ahmad Mayahi

    Is this stable version of 2.3?
    I’m going to install it on my device. But i see it’s not stable!!!

  • Nedim

    Thanx I did it in second try, now returning to stock FW,it was great but after I changed homescreen and some animation effects it reported some error and started to lag :( Ater that I did factory reset and that made phone unusable.
    Thanx for the great effort maybe I’ll give it a try later, but this time no messing with those tweaks…

  • Nedim

    Yup, it is ;)

  • Nedim

    Is phone SD card internal flash memory?
    Thanks :)

    • Kapil

      Check out the video fully to know what you’re doing and how — it’s in the post after the instructions.

      By SD Card, I meant phone’s internal SD Card, which is not internal flash memory. Remove your external SD Card while you’re doing this. Connect phone to PC and your phone will be available as separate drive, which is your phone’s internal SD Card — copy the ROM file here in the outermost folder, ie, root folder (not in any sub-folder).

      Ah, I hope I’m clear and you get it!

      BTW, check out these links to know more about your phone — and