Galaxy S 2 (II) with 1.4 GHz planned by Samsung Sometime Around Next iPhone’s Launch


The latest reports suggests Samsung is (already!) planning a new android phone — one even more of a beast than Samsung’s own best android phone today, the Galaxy S 2. It could be the improved version of Galaxy S 2 (GT-i9100) itself, which is powered by the 1.2 GHz Exynos dual-core processor. Or it could be a new android phone — but we’re doubtful about that. Or it could be simply the US version of  Galaxy S 2. But one thing seems for sure, if this rumor gets the wings of reality anytime, it would boast of same processor but even better processing speeds of 1.4 GHz.

Other improvement could be the addition of NFC chip — which hints of Nexus device, but it’s not. FYI, Nexus S was very similar to Galaxy S except that the former had NFC Chips. To add more fuel to possibility of Nexus device, the rumor has it that this 1.4 GHz beast won’t have the Galaxy branding. Eh!

It looks like Samsung wants to give its best to challenge the next iPhone as and when it launches — which is rumored to be sometime around this September. Galaxy S 2 is yet to hit US and it would make sense if Samsung could up its processor speed to 1.4 GHz — and maybe the Mali400 GPU chip too, it chances of that are very slim in the rumor itself, so let’s not go there — and launch a new version of the Galaxy S 2.

Why? Well, we don’t know but to guess with, maybe something irked Samsung really hard during its notorious court battle with Apple which is still ongoing in many parts of the world. Maybe, Samsung thought it’s time we bite the Apple even harder — but hey, we’re sure Samsung’s next device won’t look like any old, new or upcoming iPhone because with Galaxy S 2 and Galaxy tab 10.1, Samsung has shown the Korean outfit has got guts — some surprisingly awesome capabilities in both hardware and software dimensions of mobile industry.

So, what it will be if it will be something, what are your guesses. Fill in the comments wit your thoughts about this phone. Would you love it to be Nexus device. or, if you’re like me, you simply don’t want this another phone so that development stuff — ROMs, Themes, etc. — isn’t disturbed and Galaxy S 2’s community gets even bigger — just my little thought!

Via GSMArena

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