Galaxy Q Rumor – Samsung Cooking a 5.3 inch Android Phone!

Galaxy Q upcoming

Hey, what do you think about a 5.3 inch android device that’s even larger than Dell’s first android tablet that, Dell Streak that measured 5 inch? And what if it’s a phone, not the tablet which would be everyone’s guess for a 5.3 inch android gadget? Well, we just heard Samsung is indeed in the process of developing a phone, called Galaxy Q, which is rumored to boast of 5.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus display (the one you find in Galaxy S 2). It’s also said that Galaxy Q is scheduled for display (or, announcement?) at the IFA event in berlin running from September 2 to 7 this year. Well, we’ll see!

Sure you’re feeling excited but let’s not forget it’s just a rumor and we are good one-and-half months away from the IFA.

It could turn out to be a very low end tablet for that size. Why low-end, well that’s because it’s not been given the Galaxy Tab <screen size> moniker as Samsung’s naming policy suggests considering the naming behind the outfit’s high end tablets: Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 8.9, measuring 10.1 inches and 8.9 inches respectively.

But if it is indeed a real phone, it could still turn out to be a not-so-big device in reality — but that’s only if it would be running next Android 4.0 and all rumors about the Android 4.0 and this phone turn out true combined. Ah, this is what I meant — we’ve already heard rumors about the next Android OS version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich that it will have no physical buttons thus sparing the space required for buttons on phones right now in favor of display — which means phone can be of same size overall and yet with bigger display. So, maybe Galaxy Q will not feel bigger than Galaxy S 2 in hand. Possible, right?

Or, it’s a dual-screen phone? But 5.3 inch isn’t a cool number for a combined screen total — it’ has to be an even number, at the very least, I guess.

Or, it’s a dual-screen tablet, each screen measuring 5.3 inches — like the Sony S2. Well, that looks more like it. Read about the S2 here.

Let us know in comments below which possibility wins your heart? Since it’s 5.3 inch wide diagonally, will it — or, shouldn’t  it — get the Super AMOLED HD display we’ve heard about for next Nexus phone.

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  1. I have a Dell Streak and when it is ready to be replaced, I can’t imagine going to a smaller screen. Keeping my eyes open for what’s coming around the corner!

  2. john sweeny says: Reply

    From insiders it is not the super amoled hd that is going to go into the Galaxy Nexus but a newer Oled retna display that they have been manufacturing small amounts of for testing purposes.

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