Galaxy Note Video Shows-Off Creative Side of this Phone-Cum-Tablet Device

If there is an incredible artist in you who thought technology has so long betrayed you (even including the Adobe’s Photoshop software) then the Samsung’s upcoming phone, or tablet whatever you call it, the Galaxy Note might interest you more than you can think. And we have a video below to prove that — just watch it and get the idea yourself.

The Galaxy Note features a use-on-touchscreen pen, called S-Pen, which lets users draw effortlessly on phone’s superb giant 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display at mind-boggling resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, which always seems inviting creative minds to make most of the their skills, and the S-Pen.

S-Pen and HD Super AMOLED display is a winning combo to me, what do you say? Or does the 5.3 inch display simply not your thing?

[youtube video_id=”fhuyJIj5ZBo” width=”600″ height=”400″ /]


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