Galaxy Note 7 inch gets DLNA Certification, dubbed as GT-N5100/GT-N5110

GT-N5100 and GT-N5110 DLNA Certification

Samsung seems to be all out to up its game in the tablet space. After creating the awesome Nexus 10, which will now have to wait till Hurricane Sandy passes, before it can be unveiled, Samsung seems to be working on a set of new 7-inch tablets, model numbered GT-N5100 and GT-N5110,  the N in the model number indicating a Note hybrid device.

Blue Ringer Men reports that both these 7-inchers had been put up for DLNA certification and have been cleared. This is certainly not the first time we have heard of the GT-N5100 at least, as it had popped up in a WiFi certification leak about a month ago. The current DLNA certification data, however, gives us a little more insight on these two devices.

It seems rational that Samsung might be looking for a foothold in the 7-inch tablet/hybrid space, with the iPad mini having launched last week. Initial information on both devices, suggests  dedicated Wifi cum 3G devices, listed under the product category of Mobile Phone. However, this seems to have a slight contrast to the WiFi certification data, which had listed the N5100 as a tablet. Additional details on the N5100 or N5110 are elusive at the moment.

It seems logical to assume, at this point, that the two devices are the same, with different model numbers indicating an international and a carrier/capability-based variant, as we have come to see with the Galaxy Note 2 – N7100 and the Galaxy Note 2 LTE – N7105.

However, it is still early days, and with the rate at which pre-release information is getting leaked these days, it shouldn’t be too long before we get to hear more about Samsung’s new 7-inchers.

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