Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug (SAVB) Fixed at Google. OTA Coming Soon?

The volume bug discovered on Galaxy Nexus — that would decrease device’s volume to zero anytime it wishes — has been cracked by the Google’s software team. It was given a cool name, SAVB, which stands for self aware volume bug. Google has put the official word out regarding the bugfix for SAVB — letting us know that Company has got a fix for that. And although no word on its release is available, one can expect an OTA update to become available soon enough.

The situation looked to get worse in the last few days when rumors of this being a hardware related bug appeared — but now that Google has spoken of a fix, it appears it’s related to software only, and that those worries of sending the phone back to Samsung to get the bug sorted out can be put to rest.

Here’s what Google had to say on this:

“We are aware of the volume issue and have developed a fix. We will update devices as soon as possible.”

We hope the Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus gets the so-called fix too before the shipment starts, and that an OTA update for already out-of-factory Galaxy Nexus is on its way.

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