Galaxy Nexus Selling in US Again After Ban Lifted Temporarily


A bit of good news for those looking to buy an unlocked Galaxy Nexus in the US from Google’s Play Store directly, as the ban on the Nexus’ sale has been lifted temporarily, and the device is on sale again in the Play Store.

Last week, sale of the Galaxy Nexus was banned on the US as it was found to infringe on one of Apple’s patents, which pertains to how the device searches the web as well as apps on the device from a single interface. Now the U.S Court of Appeals has ordered a temporary stay of the ban until Apple responds on July 12th.

The stay on the ban is only temporary, so if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on the Galaxy Nexus, better do so now before Apple manages to get it banned again. Though as Google is said to be working on an OTA update that will remove the search functionality (or tweak it so it doesn’t infringe on Apple’s patent), the phone might continue to sell without any more bans. But still, make the best of it while you can.

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