Shipping Galaxy Nexus Basebands


Those of you, who have ordered a Galaxy Nexus and are eagerly waiting for it to arrive in the mail, probably would not have the retail release (How I wish I were in the UK right now).

Developer paulobrien from Norwich has been gracious enough to create a Clockworkmod recovery flashable zip for the latest baseband version XXKK1 for the Galaxy Nexus.

Of course, you gotta root your Galaxy Nexus first and install CWM Recovery, as soon as you unbox it and charge the battery :p

Download Galaxy Nexus basebands:

For now the list only has one baseband that’s ─ XXKK1. We’ll update the list as and when new basebands are available.

  • Download baseband XXKK1 → zip here.
    MD5: 9866cc678dbd7154167bd3835f9034e3


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