Funny Android Game: Get out of the Office

Get out of the office!

Help your colleagues to move as quickly as possible through all the 15 levels to get a better work deal at the office. Tilt your phone and don’t forget to activate all of your inactive office mates. Watch out for coffee breaks, urgent needs to visit the restroom and evil copy machines. Remember not to disturb too many plants and chairs.

The game starts with a lady saying that “Our work deal is not so great. How to get better deal”?

“Collect all the colleagues for meetings. All of them.”

You will see office layout and a timer. Once the game starts you will have to tilt your phone to make your colleagues to move within a minute. The timer will be ticking. While on the way you will have to activate your colleagues and get them with you near the exit.  If you are successful in doing so then the deal is complete and your work is approved and if not you will have to again play.

After completing the task successfully or unsuccessfully you will see your current deal where your Current salary, Work hours/ week, Days off/year and pensions age in counted. With each crossing level your current deal will increase.

This free game requires 1.6 android version and above.

Download this unique game to have fun with your colleagues.

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