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Finally: Ice Cream Sandwich Boots Up on Atrix 2.. too!!


Spec-nically, the Atrix 2 and the Droid Bionic are brethren ─ almost, so after the Droid Bionic got a beta-port of ICS , it was only a matter of time before the Atrix 2 got it too. With the Cyanogenmod Team working on every device worth its ice-creamy sugar :) (pun intended), it has opened up a flurry of unofficial CM9/ICS ports for devices which have not been seeing too much activity in the dev-world. To be honest, being a developer, especially on the Android platform, is probably the toughest job out there today, with device after device being released, and devices released earlier, still being sufficiently future-proof enough to support what Google may throw at them this year, it must be a nightmare working on, and releasing working ports for all of these wonderful devices out there.

And the Atrix 2, gets its due too in the form of an unofficial CM9 Barely-Alpha ICS build. This comes to us from XDA member lfaber06. The ROM is based on the unofficial CM9/ICS port for the Droid 3, which I wrote about last night ( see what I meant about the brethren bit at the beginning of this article :) ) by Hashcode, who is the same person who created Safestrap.

Now that the exciting part is done, let me get down to the reality part :) This is a build which is exactly what I’ve highlighted above…a Barely-Alpha…not even Beta yet….meaning that most things are still Work in progress…and may or may not work….as a matter of fact, the list of things that do not work would probably be far higher than the list of things that do work. The ROM will boot though , which is a good sign, because that’s one of the most critical aspects…If it boots up, the rest can be worked out…sooner or later :)

As quoted from the developer’s page:

This is what i know for sure right now
-Wifi works
-Most tasks and apps work
-market is broken
-calling/texting is broken, looks like its stuck on cdma?
-accelerometer is broken

In case you want to go ahead and give this a shot, you can download it from here

Installation instructions as quoted from the dev’s thread are as follows:

- Boot into safestrap
-Select safe system
-toggle safe system on
(It seems we have an issue wiping the safe strap /data and /cache so these additional steps are needed for now)
-quick toggle safe system off *****MUST BE A QUICK TOGGLE*****
-wipe data/factory reset
(To be safe wipe the following)
-Wipe Cache partition
-format /system
-wipe dalvik cache (Found a bug in safestrap that prevents us from wiping dalvik cache see thread)
-quick toggle safe system on *****MUST BE A QUICK TOGGLE*****
Now, flash the rom. (Selecting external Sdcard)
Safestrap works alot like a dual boot, so you can always return to your stock system by simply disabling safestrap in the safe boot menu.

You can follow the original development thread for updates on how this project is coming along, HERE.

If you have tried this out, and want to share your experience with us, you can do so in comments below..

  • Ebin

    How we will get ics for atrix 2 in india?

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