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File Expert Android App: Best File Manager on Android!


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  • Albiss

    So far I so love this app. I transfer files via FTP wifi with ease. Managing a SD card without a PC is a breeze. There are so many options to make it at your liking. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

  • np

    crap, beware, it deleted all my files in video folder. install it at your own risk

  • Wzin1234

    File Expert is a great app and you can use it to upload apk files and install the app SMB makes it simple to access all your shared files on win7 pc and upload to android device

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      Another great thing is it even as root explorer, which works just fine and saves you dollars you gotta pay for the paid app called ‘root explorer’. Good for custom ROMs users and those who tweak their phone a lot — it’s really one great app.

  • Iztok


    Problem is if you dont have password and fact that people on their (FE) support forum dosent help whatsoewer. When i was asking for help i recived one advice even i was teling them that i was already trying their sugestion in my first post. After that silent. And i am not the only one. Here is link to suport forum and you can chek yourself:


  • http://www.facebook.com/glick.melissa Melissa Glick

    I really want to love file expert, but cant get it to work. I wish the instructions addressed all possible difficulties or problems we may be having trying to set up connection. EI. If I have the password or user name incorrect, how do I edit it? How do I delete a SMB server? Am I supposed to chance the FTP user name? I registered on their page but never received a password. Some of us just are not IP pros.

    • Marino Simic

      Hi Melissa i came by this post somehow while searching if file explorer has root acees on the android system folder and noteced you question…

      When you create a samba server that means nothing more than giving the IP adress of the computer that you want to acess to and the username and password on that computer.

      For example:

      You have a desktop PC with windows called myPC with the IP address and you username is myUsername and your password is myPassword.

      Values you have to type into when you create a new SMB server are:

      You can find out your computers IP address by doing:

      – right click on the wireless icon on the right side in the windows system tray
      – click Open network and sharing center
      – on the left pane click “change adapter settings”
      – select you Wireless adapter and right click on it and choose Status
      – click on the Details button
      – there is a field called “IPv4 Address” and this is the Ip Address you need


      Marino from Croatia