File Expert Android App: Best File Manager on Android!


Best File Manager on Android

File Expert is really an awesome android app with boot loads of features, maybe capable enough to replace anything from 3 to 5 apps you use currently, and guess what, still adding features you hadn’t seen/used earlier. Must Have, sure. It’s the best file manager, by any measure.

Well, if you’re still looking for that perfect file manager that can ‘search’ sd card like Astro File Manager but is fast like your other fav file manager, then today is your lucky day. Meet the File Expert android application that allows you to do whatever you wanna do with file, folders, apps, .apk files and much more.

Personally, I used to use two file managers. First one, Astro File Manager, to search stuff on sd card, while the second one, ‘File Manager’ for all other functions, because it’s faster than the Astro. But I think, File Expert is the only app I need now, since it boasts of all the features I would want, or even more than that (also, more than the combined features of Astro and File manager).

So, let’s have a look at the what File Expert is capable of (and why I am totally hats off to it):

  • It’s fast. And can get even faster if you tweak settings a little bit. Like, setting thumbs off or disable app icons.
  • All basic file operations like copy, cut, paste, rename, etc
  • Search Files (I guess not many file managers do that. I, for one, used Astro for that earlier)
  • Also handles zip files. You can zip/unzip files and it works efficiently
  • Supports SMB: Access your host computer from your phone using ‘SMB Client’
  • Silent Batch install/uninstall apps: This, for me, is the greatest feature of File Expert. It lets users simply select the apps installed on the device for batch un-installation. Okay, there are many apps that support batch uninstall, but none do it silently. Meaning, you don’t need to interact with application, you know, pressing ‘OK’ or ‘Uninstall’ like buttons in a batch operation for each individual app. It’s great and works super cool. BTW, your phone needs to be rooted for this, since the ‘silent function’ requires root privileges. Regarding batch installation, you can specify a folder in the options from where File Expert would install all the .apk files. Or, you can manually select file by browsing to that folder and select install. The will auto-install all apps without asking you to hit ‘Ok’ or ‘Install’ buttons for each app, i.e. it will work silently here too. Oh yes, silent installation require root access too. 5 STARS for this feature only.
  • For faster browsing of sd card and folders, there is an option in settings to turn off thumbnails. Also, you can disable application icons too, of .apk files on your sd card, for fast browsing. Astro File Manager lacks both these features, in case you’re wondering. With icons and thumbs off, browsing a folder with lots of apk or media files is faster.
  • Text Viewer is also integrated, letting you view even the largest of files you throw at it.
  • Image Viewer is also there, to let you surf the file pretty quick. Although, it’s not that cool to use any other image viewer when you got a beautiful gallery in android 2.1 and higher version as default one.
  • Even supports FTP/HTTP Servers. Thanks to HTTP, you can browse your sd card using a browser window (USB connection is not required, that’s why people prefer this option). Interface here is not great and other apps like ‘Mobile Tab’ (our review coming shortly of this one) and, um, like ‘websharing lite’ work better. And regarding FTP, it’s there, but nothing cool for many of us, who don’t get to deal with FTPs a lot in our life.

Probably you’re already tired of getting to know about so many features in just one app. But guess what, there is another killer feature. You can hide files simply using the File Expert. Simply long press the folder containing files you want to hide from auto detection by android and select “Hide Pics for Media Detection”.

Hide Pics on Android Show Pics on Android

Suppose, you have lots of pics in one folder, let’s call it ‘XYZ’, that you don’t want to appear in the Gallery app (android’s default media app that auto detects media on your sd card). To hide the files in folder XYZ from appearing in Gallery, simply long press (press and hold) the folder XYZ in file manager. You will get options in the pop-up, and then select “Hide Pics for Media Detection”. That’s it. Next time you restart your phone, contents (pics, videos, anything else) of that folder — XYZ in our case — will be not be shown in Gallery.

I know you’re curious about how to get the contents visibility in Gallery app back. That is, how to un-hide them. Well, just long press again on the folder whose contain are hidden (XYZ, in our example) and select the option “Show Pics for Media Detection”. This option will be available only on those folders which are hidden from detection by android. To un-hide manually, simply delete the .nomedia in the folder whose contents are hidden.

Okay, that’s really a behemoth of a file manager and that’s why it’s been tagged as the file expert. I think it’s a great tool to manage your sd card the way you want and surely, a must android app for everyone.

That said, there is still something that’s not there. First of all, you don’t get thumb support for browsing the directories. You know, that square block that appears in the right side when scroll down/up in most of the file managers or contacts, for faster scrolling. Well, that doesn’t dampens the mood and the File Expert still remains the best file manager by miles, but I did miss this feature. Other than that, I think overall aesthetics of the app can improved a lot, even is it hurts speed a little bit.

File Expert doesn’t cost you a penny — it’s completely free with all the features. There is a Donate Plugin (i.e. donate app) available too, which you can (in fact, you should if you like this app) purchase to support development of the app as also showing your love for the app.

Download File Expert Android App for FREE by scanning the QR Code below or using the download link below the code, if you’re viewing this page on phone.

Download File Expert Android App

Android Market Link

So, let us know for sure (don’t forget, we love to hear from you), how was your experience with the File Expert. And what features are your favorite one? Improvements/suggestion are all welcomed.

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  1. I really want to love file expert, but cant get it to work. I wish the instructions addressed all possible difficulties or problems we may be having trying to set up connection. EI. If I have the password or user name incorrect, how do I edit it? How do I delete a SMB server? Am I supposed to chance the FTP user name? I registered on their page but never received a password. Some of us just are not IP pros.

    1. Marino Simic says: Reply

      Hi Melissa i came by this post somehow while searching if file explorer has root acees on the android system folder and noteced you question…

      When you create a samba server that means nothing more than giving the IP adress of the computer that you want to acess to and the username and password on that computer.

      For example:

      You have a desktop PC with windows called myPC with the IP address and you username is myUsername and your password is myPassword.

      Values you have to type into when you create a new SMB server are:

      You can find out your computers IP address by doing:

      – right click on the wireless icon on the right side in the windows system tray
      – click Open network and sharing center
      – on the left pane click “change adapter settings”
      – select you Wireless adapter and right click on it and choose Status
      – click on the Details button
      – there is a field called “IPv4 Address” and this is the Ip Address you need


      Marino from Croatia

  2. Iztok says: Reply


    Problem is if you dont have password and fact that people on their (FE) support forum dosent help whatsoewer. When i was asking for help i recived one advice even i was teling them that i was already trying their sugestion in my first post. After that silent. And i am not the only one. Here is link to suport forum and you can chek yourself:

  3. Wzin1234 says: Reply

    File Expert is a great app and you can use it to upload apk files and install the app SMB makes it simple to access all your shared files on win7 pc and upload to android device

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Another great thing is it even as root explorer, which works just fine and saves you dollars you gotta pay for the paid app called ‘root explorer’. Good for custom ROMs users and those who tweak their phone a lot — it’s really one great app.

  4. np says: Reply

    crap, beware, it deleted all my files in video folder. install it at your own risk

  5. Albiss says: Reply

    So far I so love this app. I transfer files via FTP wifi with ease. Managing a SD card without a PC is a breeze. There are so many options to make it at your liking. Keep up the great work. Thanks!

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