EZRom for Galaxy S — The Easy and Safe Way to Install (or revert back) to Android 2.2 (Froyo)



The last month — March ‘11 — was quite hectic for Samsung Galaxy S as the phone tasted its first Gingerbread ROMs by way of leaks — XXJV1 and XXJVK. Obviously, there were custom ROMs released too, that were based on the leaked ROMs. We tried the ROMs and felt delighted too. But all that summed up to the fact that we had put our Galaxy S to lots of trials with Android 2.3 and it became imperative that we shared with you an article which tells about ‘how to revert back to Android 2.2 nice and safe’.

Also, those of you who are still on Android 2.1 (Éclair), use this guide to install pre-rooted Android 2.2 on your phone so that you can try the Android 2.3 stuff or other custom  ROMs.

So, here it is. Although there are many ways — I mean, the ROMs, both custom and stock — I’ve picked up the EZRom which I’ve used quite a few times and looks good to me. The EZRom uses a different Odin than what we’ve been using for so long, Odin3. The new Odin is called EZOdin and it’s different looks-wise. The EZBase ROM will install the following stuff to your phone:

  1. Android 2.2 (Froyo) – JVE
  2. Phone’s already rooted
  3. Apps — SuperUser, Titanium Backup, ROM manager, etc.

It’s plain and simple and already roots your phone, so, I like it.

EZRom installation video:

[youtube video_id=”5ImNKs6sE6E” width=”630″ height=”390″ /]

Although there is a very informative guide already available (Get the .PDF file here) from the developer himself, but here’s my instructions set:

  1. Download required files [PREMIUM HOTFILE LINKS]:
    1. EZbase-CSC-XXJV1.tar.md5
    2. EZbase-PDA-XWJS3.tar.md5
    3. EZbase-PHONE-XXJVE.tar.md5
    4. EZodin
    5. EZbase.pit
    6. 64bit Samsung USB Drivers (No need for Kies)
    7. 32bit Samsung USB Drivers (No need for Kies)
  2. Don’t extract any of the file. Don’t play with them in any way.
  3. If you don’t have drivers installed or just in case want to re-install them for safety, uninstall them first and reboot your PC. The, install the drivers from step 1.6 or 1.7 above as applicable to your windows.
  4. Switch Off your Galaxy S. Wait for vibration to confirm complete Switch Off.
  5. Put your phone into ‘Download Mode‘ using the three button combo — “Volume DOWN + Home key + Power Button”. Don’t connect it to computer.
  6. Open EZOdin. [Looks cute than Odin3)
  7. Connect your phone to PC now. You should get the “Added” message in the message box.
  8. Check the Re-partition button first of all.
  9. Keep the Auto Reboot and Reset Time buttons checked too.
  10. Keep these boxes UNCHECKED — EFS Clear and Bootloader Update
  11. Hit the PIT tab and select EZBase.pit file at step 1.5 above.
  12. Hit PDA tab and select file at step 1.2 above — EZbase-PDA-XWJS3.tar.md5
  13. Hit Phone tab and select file at step 1.1 above — EZbase-PHONE-XXJVE.tar.md5
  14. Hit the CSC tab and select the file at step 1.3 above — EZbase-CSC-XXJV1.tar.md5
  15. Double check everything above. The EZOdin window should look like the screenshot at the top.
  16. Hit Start button. this will flash the EZRom on your Galaxy S. phone will boot up automatically.
  17. Check out your phone’s version here — Settings – About Phone.

That’s it.

Let us know your views in the comments.

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62 Responses

  1. thank you. rolled back from gingerbread safely. now happily back on darky’s 9.5 :)

  2. luis says:


    I’m a gt-9000t user that still runs 2.1, this method is safe to upgrade my phone?, also is safe for my 3g 850 band?.

    thank’s a lot

    • Kapil says:

      I’m not sure! I don’t recommend. Sry:(

    • herolpx says:

      I’m a i9000t user too… I’ve been flashing ROMs for i9000 and everything went fine so well… I’m not recommending it, I just wanted to say that I did it and it worked fine. It’s up to you if you want to risk it.

  3. guest says:

    i don’t why but, with the EZodint, it didn’t works. so i went back to the normal odin 1.7 and it works fine

  4. Bart says:

    Thanx a lot working perfect and its take only around 7 minutes. :)

  5. Ray says:

    Hi, I was about to try this tutorial but the required file wouldn’t download. I’ve tried on 2 PC but still wont download! :(

  6. Aniket says:

    the links are way to slow m dloadin at 20 kbps!!!

  7. Zums123 says:


  8. Zums123 says:

    ut your phone into ‘Download Mode‘ using the three button combo — “Volume DOWN + Home key + Power Button”. Don’t connect it to computer.

    Why It dosen’t work for me ? And why I can’t put it in download mode ? =( !

  9. alamyr says:

    Does this include Froyo bootloaders?

  10. Calvinleonard_blast87 says:

    Hi Kapil, can you help me revert back to the original Froyou Firmware? I’m not good with rooting etc. is there a way to do that ?

  11. Jocke says:

     As been asked before, does this include the froyo bootloaders? Im currently om 2.3.3JVH.

  12. Thasadar606 says:

    Hi, I would like to revert to JPY, this rom is JVE . I already have the JPY.tar , I flashed from ginger back to EZrom JVE and would like to go back to JPY .could you please tell me what to do next?!

  13. Harryheavenly02 says:

    if i wanna flash an asia stock rom like DXJPE, how to do that? i got only 1 file from samfirmware.com instead of 3 (no PHONE & CSC). i’m currently on Darky’s ROM 10.1, i wanna revert back to Froyo so i can get official update from Kies. i’m Malaysia by the way.

  14. Dapao22 says:

    the installation went well! however, when i connect it back to the pc it doesnt seem to read it. when i click on the usb connection notification, it just goes back to the home screen :(

  15. Droid133 says:

    I put my phone into download mode but then on windows it says ‘the device has malfunctioned’ and there are no drivers installed for it, yet with the phone on i can connect it fine :/.

    i made sure kies is closed but still no joy :( help please

  16. yarnz says:

    cannot flash back to froyo with odin…it says MD5 is invalid

  17. Craig says:

    Does this work with samsung galaxy fit…???
    If not can u help me… i need to downgrade gingerbread to Froyo..
    Thanks in advance

  18. chuckenheimer says:

    Smooth as glass install on a SPH-D700 to a DOA phone, now at Sprint. Hmm.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Works for me.  Thanks.

  20. munnaraja says:

    ok thanks nice veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice and sucsess

  21. hardik says:

    thanks man but yaar mkv file dosent play plz kuch karo

    • Kapil says:

      Hey, why don’t you install the latest Android 2.3.4 firmware, xxjvq? It’s
      pretty good ROM and works beautifully. It’s fast and has good battery life
      too. Search this website for xxjvq to find download links and installation

      Btw, try playing the mkv files with mvideo player.

  22. Corts_mike says:

    can dis work on galaxy s ntt docomo version? tnx in advance

  23. Page says:

    Is required root before start the process? thanks!

  24. Page says:

    Is required root before start the process? thanks!

  25. Page says:

    Is required root before start the process? thanks!

  26. Mirza00 says:

    my instalation hangs on “Set Partition” for 10 minutes now….. I don’t know what to do…

  27. Matt says:

    Hi Kapil. I have a Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. It is stuck in a boot loop just flashing the Samsung start-up screen. I have followed your excellent instructions to the letter and the flashing process works fine with no errors. However, the phone is still stuck in the boot loop. I can get into recovery mode and download mode no problem. Do you have any ideas? Anything I can check? Thanks – Matt

  28. Wambo Mambo says:

    premium hotfile links and only 400kb pro second that isnt true

  29. Faisal Chawdhary says:

    my phone was stuck today at the boot up screen when I tried to root. The above mentioned procedure helped me in the first shot. Thank you very very very very much for your wonderful advise. God bless you. Faisal

  30. padoo says:

    Hi. Will this work for the SGS2?

  31. Akshat01 says:

    Ok .. So i installed darky’s extreme edition for a friend . 10.2.2 . I want to install CM7 on it now .. but there is some difference .. So I needed a simple advice.. Should I got back to 2.2 and then try cm7 (was on 2.1 before than direct jump to 2.3.3) … What shall i do to install CM7 .. maybe a you can explain in a few steps .. would really appreciate.. new to android . Thanking you in anticipation

    • Kapil says:

      No need to go back to 2.1/2.2. Just disable the lagfix, if it’s enabled — search our site for guide on that.

      After disabling lagfix, install CM7 using the guide linked in the guide above.

      And then, continue from next step — after installing CM7 — in this guide.

  32. Chameera4u says:

    dear friend i updated my samsung galaxy s to gingerbrid 2.3.3 and then i installed froyo 2.2.. after my phone network is not working(no Service) what i do now. plz tell me brother. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    i try 2 times and i leve 30 min and dont finish and i start again now apear 0:[COM3] and anather 1 1:[COM4] what i must to do ? pls hellp

  34. W says:

    y it show that the PDA file is invalid…??

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