Epic 4G Touch Ice Cream Sandwich Update Assured by Sprint. Unless You Already Got it Via Leak, That is!


Rest easy Epic 4G Touch owners, Sprint has not forgotten about you. In a post in their community forums, Sprint has assured owners of the Epic 4G Touch (along with the Nexus S and the Galaxy S II) that they will surely be receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) Android 4.0 update over the air. They did fail to mention the exact timing though, only mentioning that the update will be coming in 2012.

Come on Sprint, we know the update will come in 2012, but when exactly? After Google unveils their next Android iteration? It has already been almost 5 months since Android 4.0 was released, not to mention more than 20 leaked ICS firmware for the Epic 4G Touch, but there’s still no exact date of the update available yet. Owners of the international Galaxy S2 i9100 are already enjoying the ice cream flavoured sandwich, so just release the update already.

Well, as always, all one can do is wait for more details on when exactly the Ice Cream Sandwich update will be coming. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to try out Android 4.0 on your Epic 4G Touch and are fine with a little unofficial tinkering, you can try out the leaked FD16 ICS firmware that we coveredĀ here.

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    hi guys i have the samsung epic 4g touch and i heard so much about rooting it and its advantages, but how do i root it? and where do i get the files from? also how safe is it and how easy is it to install?? please help with my questions… my email is franckie0582@gmail.com

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