Easy Hack to Enable WiFi Hotspot (Tethering) on Skyrocket

Although all android handsets are by default well capable of wifi tethering, by which you can share your mobile’s internet connection to laptops (or any other wifi equipped devices), some carriers block it and enable only if you subscribe to tethering plan and pay them some bucks to activate it. Well, this is what AT&T has done with its Samsung Skyrocket too.

But if your Skyrocket is rooted, you can easily enable wifi tethering without the need of any dedicated tethering app for that. If it’s not, root Skyrocket first and then see below to enable WiFi tether the easy way.

Since you’re rooted, it’s safe to assume you are already making full use of it and have this cool app, Titanium Backup, already installed. If not, install it and use this one to keep backup of all your apps (and their data too) — it’s a very handy and one of the reason why people root their android device.

The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable — you only will be responsible, you’ve been warned!!!

How To

To enable WiFi portable hotspot without subscribing to any AT&T plan, all you need to do is freeze the tetheringmanager app using titanium backup app. The try the WiFi sharing under wireless and network settings and it should work. It’s easier than using any other app from the market — which is a good choice too — which would enable the WiFi hotspot capability using root access on your phone.

If you didn’t get the above, there is guide for you just below.

Enable WiFi tethering on Skyrocket (step-by-step guide):

  1. Open Titanium Backup app
  2. Tap on Backup/Restore tab at the top
  3. Tap on Click to edit filters (located just below the top right)
  4. In the Filter by name field at top, type tetheringmanager and tap on Apply
  5. App will find the tetheringmanager app and will list it to you. Tap on it to get a pop-up of options.
  6. One of the options there is to Freeze the app. (Freezing an app keeps the app installed but stops it from working.)
  7. That’s it, We’re done with Titanium backup’s part. Quit the app by pressing back key several times.
  8. Now, go to Settings > Wireless and network > Tethering and portable hotspot and enable WiFi tethering. It should work even if you don’t have a working tethering plan subscribed on your mobile number.


Credits for this awesome cool trick go to Cromius, who shared this tip over here.

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  1. Gig223i says: Reply

    Freeze option is onli for paid version..

  2. Productmanager says: Reply

    I did this and it worked for about a day.  Now it allows the connection to the device but it says “no internet connection” on the item I have tethered to the ATT SG2

  3. Lbp says: Reply


  4. Kevin Heath says: Reply

    I just deleted the .apk with root explorer. However my concern is AT&T finding out that I am tethering and nerfing my unlimited data plan, and trying to upgrade me to the $45/mo tethering plan, as I have heard can happen. Can you confirm that this has not happened to you after a period of time while tethering?

    1. Jonathan Garcia says: Reply

      Well this is a pretty late response but I’ve been doing it since I got my phone  in early December and I don’t go crazy with it and use up a bunch of data since I only have a 2GB plan but I do use it frequently to tether an ipad a kindle fire and a netbook at my girfriends house since she doesnt have internet.

  5. Guest says: Reply

    Thank you  🙂 
    i had been pulling my hair off trying all different apps none seem be working 

  6. Eric says: Reply

    Great tip! Thank you to the original poster and you!

  7. Tetheringmanager does not show up on mine, only tethering provision.

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