Easy Hack to Enable WiFi Hotspot (Tethering) on Skyrocket


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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charlie-Handsaker/813645695 Charlie Handsaker

    Tetheringmanager does not show up on mine, only tethering provision.

  • Eric

    Great tip! Thank you to the original poster and you!

  • Guest

    Thank you  :) 
    i had been pulling my hair off trying all different apps none seem be working 

  • Kevin Heath

    I just deleted the .apk with root explorer. However my concern is AT&T finding out that I am tethering and nerfing my unlimited data plan, and trying to upgrade me to the $45/mo tethering plan, as I have heard can happen. Can you confirm that this has not happened to you after a period of time while tethering?

    • Jonathan Garcia

      Well this is a pretty late response but I’ve been doing it since I got my phone  in early December and I don’t go crazy with it and use up a bunch of data since I only have a 2GB plan but I do use it frequently to tether an ipad a kindle fire and a netbook at my girfriends house since she doesnt have internet.

  • Lbp


  • Productmanager

    I did this and it worked for about a day.  Now it allows the connection to the device but it says “no internet connection” on the item I have tethered to the ATT SG2

  • Gig223i

    Freeze option is onli for paid version..