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Easy Guide to Root TF700T Asus Transformer Pad Infinity


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  • Frank_Lee

    I’m not sure what I did wrong… I followed the instructions precisely, and got the message congratulating me for rooting the tablet – but when I rebooted the tablet and opened Titanium Backup, I got the msg that the Tablet wasn’t rooted. I verified this through the Check Root app which told me the tablet was not rooted. I uninstalled and reinstalled Superuser which told me it was updating the binary, but then stalled and told me it failed. The tablet is brand new, only a few days old, and I could sure use some help figuring out what’s going on. Thanks!

  • Arturo Rodriguez

    Does it work with the new jelly bean update?

  • rdh

    I had to go into “Superuser” and update binary, even though it was up-to date. Thanks!

  • Thanatiel

    I’ve got this error message : “system partition was not found” on TF700T. What can I do ?

  • ricou

    Is there a way to install custom rom without unlocking first ? (I understood that rooting only allows you to install root application such as superuser, titanium backup or clockworckmod). So my question really is can you use clockworkmod with an still locked TFT700 ? I think the answer is NO but I would like to make sure before I throw away my warranty :-)

    • Prasad Bakre

      Hi Ricou, the answer is no. I tried installing CWM on my unrooted Galaxy Nexus (any unrooted device will give the same result). When I tried to install a custom rom, it asked me to root the device first. So I think you need to root the device. The only thing that is holding me from rooting my Transformer is the stock apps like Polaris Office and Supernote. I don’t want to make these apps unstable by installing a custom ROM. Also, the device is new and most custom roms will have issues before they stabilize for this device.