Easy Guide to Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S3


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  • the doctor

    thank none of the other tutorials worked but this one did thanks

  • abdulnasser alemad


  • reggie

    where you click pda you have to go under it and click phone too they dont tell you that

  • name1111

    i keep trying to download cwm and its an image file not a .tar whats wrong with this

  • jllamm

    Did the same for my sprint s3. Wont boot into cwm recovery. Is all i have to do is uncheck rebot and after i get a pass pull the battery. Then it will boot into cwm recovery. Am i missing anything.

  • peanutty420

    jus goes into system recovery not cwm

    • MH

      You are pressing Vol DOWN instead of Vol UP. Power+Home+Vol UP boots Clockwork

      • pablo

        nope – same problem on my phone. would prior sprint OTA prevent it from working?

        • MH

          On Samsung phones you need to be sure to not let the phone boot normally before trying to boot into clockwork. On normal boot, Samsung phones will reinstall the factory recovery overwriting clockwork that you just installed. Make sure you boot directly into clockwork before letting it boot normally.

        • MH

          You may need to disable auto reboot in Odin. Then you’ll need to pull the battery to power off the phone. Then pop battery back in and boot into clockwork. This is what I had to do.

          • Gaz

            Thanks, worked for me also.