DU Meter Android App: Keep check of your data usage and network speed

DU Meter Android App

Hagel technologies today officially launched DU Meter for Android in the market. It’s a solid app to keep a check on your data usage and network speed.

The DU Meter app lets you monitor your data connection. It runs as a background service and silently records your network traffic for daily and monthly data usage reports.

Features list:

  • Shows current network speed in notification bar
  • Home screen widgets for viewing daily or monthly usage
  • Separately monitors Cellular and Wi-Fi data usage
  • Data usage alerts in notification bar
  • Ability to set monthly traffic limit that cellular network provider has allowed under the chosen plan
  • Bar graph presentation for data used in last 7 days
  • Monthly reports

Scan to download DU Meter Android App

The apps cost is CA$2.95. And requires Android 2.1 or latest versions to install.

Download DU Meter Android app from AppBrain

It’s a great feeling to see a Android version of one of our favorite PC software. What do you say? Let us know in comments.

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  1. Sujit says: Reply

    i twould be good to know if there is any app to monitor call bills and data usage….

    1. Anne says: Reply

      Try Plan Monitor Widget

    2. Anne says: Reply

      Try Plan Monitor Widget

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