Drz MIUIv4 Beta 6 based on Ice Cream Sandwich for Galaxy S I9000


If you’ve heard about Cyanogenmod (CM), chances are you’ve heard about MIUI as well. For those who don’t know, MIUI is one of the most famous custom ROMs for Android, that aims to provide an iOS-like user interface (UI), with the power of Android underneath. Needless to say, it’s one of the most beautiful ROMs out there, with a heavily customizable theme engine that gives you the power to make your phone look the way you want.

And now, you can enjoy MIUI based on Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.3. Thanks to Team DoctorZ and Bhuvan Goyal (a member of Team DoctorZ who also work on stock based ROMs), you can enjoy Drz MIUIv4 on your Galaxy S, with fixes and enhancements over the original MIUIv4 ROM. Here are some features of the ROM:

  • Great battery life
  • Smooth browser
  • Working TV-Out
  • Themes
  • Tweaks for improved smoothness
Keep in mind that this ROM is still in beta stage, so bugs are to be expected. Here’s a list of a few bugs present in the ROM:
  • Graphical glitches in the status bar
  • External SD card cannot be accessed on computer when connected through USB (works perfectly fine on the phone though)

Here are some screenshots of the ROM:

Read on to find out how to flash this ROM on your Galaxy S I9000.


This guide is applicable only for Samsung’s Galaxy S international version (GT-i9000). Check your phone’s version in Settings – About Phone. It has to be “GT-i9000”  for this procedure to be compatible with your phone. If it’s not GT-i9000, please do not try this.

Read everything carefully and thoroughly. The methods and procedures discussed here are considered risky and you should not attempt anything if you don’t know completely what it is. If any damage occurs to you or your device, we won’t be held liable — you only will be responsible, you’ve been warned!!! The procedure has been tested to make sure it works, but things can always go wrong. So be careful.

Pre-Installation Thoughts/Requirements:

  1. Installing/Flashing this ROM will erase your apps and data. So, it’s a very important you back them up before proceeding further. To backup your apps and important data — bookmarks, contacts, SMS, APNs (internet settings), etc. this Android backup guide would help you. Restore APN settings if Internet isn’t working for you, after installing the rom. And if you are using a rooted phone, you can save application’s data too, using Titanium backup (free app on android market) to backup apps with apps with data. Use the same app again to restore those apps with data.
  2. Make sure your Galaxy S i9000 is sufficiently charged.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Download the MIUIv4 ROM file: Download Link
    Filename: drZMIUIv4_beta6_cm9color.zip. Size: 157 MB
  2. Transfer the ROM’s zip file you downloaded above to your internal SD card (NOT the external microSD).
  3. Install XXJVU firmware first using → this guide.
  4. Then root & install CWM recovery on XXJVU using → this guide
  5. Power Off your Galaxy S. Wait for 5-6 seconds until you feel the vibration to confirm complete switch off.
  6. Then, press and hold these 3 buttons together: VolumeUP+Home+Power till the Galaxy S logo shows up on-screen. You’ll boot into CWM recovery soon enough. (In recovery, use Volume keys to scroll up and down and power key to select an option).
  7. Select “wipe data/factory reset”. Wait a while till the data wipe is complete. (this will NOT ERASE your SD cards, don’t worry).
  8. Now, select “install zip from sdcard”, then select “choose zip from sdcard”, then scroll to the file you transferred in step 2 above and select it. Then select “Yes, Install ____.zip”. 
  9. The ROM will start installing. It will reboot into recovery during the procedure, then continue to install the ROM. After the installation is complete, the phone will reboot again and boot into MIUI.
    However, if it simply reboots into recovery but doesn’t continue installation, select “install zip from sdcard”, then select “choose zip from sdcard”, scroll to the zip file again and select it. Then select “Yes” on next screen. After the install completes, select “go back”, then select “reboot system now”. Wait for the phone to boot into MIUI.
  10. After the phone boots, select the option that says ‘Setup Wizard’, then continue to set up your phone.

That’s it, MIUI should be up and running on your phone, ready to be used.

You can follow the original development thread for latest updates to the ROM, and read what other users are saying about it. Enjoy!

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  1. Alexandru Dragomir says: Reply

    Any XDA direct thread or sth?

    1. Shivam says: Reply

      Updated the post with a link to original development thread at the bottom. Refresh the page..

  2. Bhuvangoyal says: Reply

    Thankxx for the article guys, really appreciate it . I just keep trying to make it better.

  3. Ex Avantz says: Reply

    Proud with Bhuvangoyal

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  5. 87760119 says: Reply

    Set to mute FC

  6. Dr.Ali Khalid says: Reply

    Thanks from Dr.Ali Khalid……all this credit goes to Bhuvan Goyal…Great work

  7. Ali_khalid5518 says: Reply

    Thanks from Dr.Ali Khalid……all this credit goes to Bhuvan Goyal…Great work

  8. M Azim Shukri says: Reply

    Very clear tutorial…thank you very much…

  9. Mongo says: Reply

    No support for MyPhoneExplorer 🙁

  10. Suhaimi says: Reply

    my sgs sms and phone keep force close.can’t use sms and call history.
    please advice..

    1. M Azim Shukri says: Reply

      mine also…anybody can help us?

  11. Karim says: Reply

    can i flash ics custom roms on top of this miui rom?

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yes you can.

  12. I did everything , but my sgs freezes at MI XIAOMI.COM logo. I install .zip file several times but nothing happen , what must i do ?

    1. just go in recovery mode do cache partition then wipe data partition and then install update from sd card. thn reboot it… it wil work…

  13. Arulvelk says: Reply

    My situation is just like daniel…I followed as per instructions and my phone froze at the logo and won’t move any further no matter what….any solutions?

  14. SysE8 says: Reply

    tv out not working very will

  15. i have already updated my Galaxy s to 4.0.3 ICS. form this site only.
    should i instal this rom.? wil it decrease my galaxy s performance..? tel me asap

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      Yes you can install it. You switch between roms without asking anybody… and which one is best for your Galaxy s is up to you. So go ahead, and try this, keep it if your like it otherwise restore (take backup of your current rom first) your backup to go to previous rom.

      1. please suggest me some more roms wich works perfectly.. nd in my ICS 4.0.3 storeo bluetooth doesn’t connects to galaxy s.. after installing this rom wil it work..??

          1. buddy.. dat al blutooth worked perfectly.thanks for dat inbulit DSP Manager.! nd the roms u hav suggested are some wat like one and the same.. can u tel me sum new or unqiue roms available for galaxy s

          2. Kapil says:

            New and unique, um, nope. This is all I know about but it seems you might like the new Joy OS – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1657002
            And the Lewa OS, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1627481

  16. it worked wel..thanks thanks a ton..!!!! 🙂

  17. sir cant able to go in the apps menu in MIUI home there is no apps dock in home screen ,what to do? please help…

    1. anybody please reply…

    2. Kapil says: Reply

      On MIUI, there is no app drawer, all your apps are scattered on homescreens. You can install another launcher, like Apex or Nova Launcher, to get an app drawer.

      1. okay now i get it 😛 am sorry, thanks a lot but am having some problems related to my mobile network , what to do?

        1. whenever i try to make a new call , it shows “unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped.” and the mobile network gets disappear! am using it from the last 3 weeks and am facing this problem now , what should i do now?

  18. Hussain Arshad says: Reply

    I did everything , but my sgs freezes at MI XIAOMI.COM logo. I install .zip file several times but nothing happen , what must i do ?4


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