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Droid X in July while Droid 2 in August, as rumored


We have just learned that Droid X is all scheduled to hit your doorsteps right in July while Droid 2 will be launched in August this year. Apparently, Droid 2 seeker might have to wait a month more, from our earlier indication of July release for both phones. Anyways, you got more time to think and Droid X got some competition (in Droid 2) delayed for a month.

Droid X releasing in July

Motorola Droid 2 August release date

Did we tell you the formal announcement by Motorola or Verizon is till pending. But given the ratio of rumors converting into formal announcements, we can safely gamble on the release dates, or at least the month(s).

So, what are you up to, July, August or keeping your fingers closed for the year end 2Ghz android phone from Moto? The last one might be the Nexus Two, who knows. Play your cards wisely, and hey! we did not mean to increase you procrastination habits.

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