Droid X ADW Theme, an Android App for Droid X Wannabes

Droid X Theme android app

What would be a cool way to get the feel of Droid X in your hands until you get one actually? Simple, have a theme on your ageing android device that is totally based on the Motorola’s phone of the moment that every android cum gadget crazy human seems to love to buy.

All you need to get that self satisfying feel is a couple of free apps and minutes of spare time. Here is how:

  1. Install ADW Launcher
  2. Install Droid X ADW Theme
  3. Go to ADW Settings from the ADW Launcher home screen
  4. Select Theme Settings
  5. Choose the above mentioned theme.

You’re done. How does it feel? Let us know in comments.
Screenshots of Droid X ADW Theme:

QR Code:

ADW Launcher (Link for Mobile Browsers)

ADW LAuncher QR Code

Droid X ADW Theme (Link for Mobile Browsers)

Droid X ADW Theme QR Code

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