[Comparison] Droid RAZR vs. Galaxy S2


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  • Mahsoom Moosa42

    in my personal opinion,  the galaxy nexus is nowhere near the S2. nor is RAZR. they have grandpa GPUs. S2 should get ICS before the RAZR. December/January if i am correct. The Mali 400 is the best android GPU at the moment. but, could be beaten by powervr SGX544 in the future, i think its an enhanced version of the SGX543. but, the successor of the Mali 400 could offer some competition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Atty-Halmágyi/100001770630008 Atty Halmágyi

    Lol, the Razr has 16 GB, not 32, and the Sg2 has a 32 GB version as well.

  • Glarb

    “we think” the DROID beats it?  Wth is the point of a comparison when you haven’t even gotten your hands on the one phone.  Save it.

    • http://www.theandroidsoul.com/ Kapil

      See, I’m a big fan of Galaxy S2 but really, Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus are two phone which can better S2, I mean even the S2, easily.

      Anyway, a point just occurred to me after I had written the post. It’s regarding software update — Android 2.3 update was best done by Samsung. Not only the company was the first one to update its Galaxy S phone before Motorola even updated its Atrix or Droid X or any other phone. And it was done pretty right too. Plus, Samsung has used hardware acceleration pretty nicely on S2 and if Moto is unable to do that on RAZR, S2 might still be faster than RAZR. But, Moto is almost now a Google’s company and given the competition with iPhone 4S, Google and Moto would leave no stone unturned with RAZR — which bests S2 be design and form factor, anyway.

      So, I believe RAZR will best S2 if Moto is able to do the integration right, which they should be able to thanks to Google. Also, Motorola has used 1.2 GHz dual-core OMAP4460 processor — the same used in Galaxy Nexus — which is the flagship processor for Android 4.0, which means OMAP will have a slight advantage over Exynos chip used in S2.

      We’ll see how it goes and I respect your view that giving a verdict even before the phone is out is non-sense. But just I felt S2 will best other devices (including Sensation 4G when it releases), I felt Droid RAZR will do the same to S2, although the margin won’t be that much as was between S2 and all android phones for massive 4-5 months — and that’s very big deal.

      I think I will update the post too with all that I said above.

      • Xtr3m3gam3r

        I want to buy ”
        Motorola DROID RAZR XT912, but am waiting to see what they’ll make changes in it hardwarely and softwarely in future, if they’ll do that it will sure be the best beast in android mobile market.