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Droid Razr Jelly Bean Update: Well, CyanogenMod (CM10) Is In Works Now, Unofficially!


The locked bootloader on Motorola devices does make things a little more difficult compared to other devices when it comes to custom ROMs, but even then it takes only a matter of time before developers are able to make new custom ROMs start working despite the locked bootloader. With the release of Jelly Bean Android 4.1, developers have started trying to port it to many devices, with varying degrees of success across different devices.

Those having a Motorola Droid RAZR need not wait any longer, as an unofficial CyanogenMod 10 (CM10) based ROM has been released for it by XDA Forum Member shiwuye12, which brings all the new features of Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean – such as a smoother and faster interface compared to previous Android versions thanks to the Project Butter enhancements, advanced voice recognition, offline voice typing, faster stock browser with many performance enhancements, smarter keyboard, etc – to the device. You also get the proven performance of CyanogenMod as well as the customization features it is famous for along with the latest and greatest version of Android.

However, like all good things often come with a bit of bad news, the ROM is in its early development stages and is hence not so suitable for every day use. At this point, both the camera and audio do not work on the ROM, which will prevent many from adopting it as a daily driver.

But hey, as long it lets you get a taste of Jelly Bean on your Droid RAZR, we’re sure many won’t mind at least trying the ROM out. Those who would like to give it a go can head to the ROM’s development page on XDA for more details and for instructions on how the ROM can be flashed on their phones. Be careful as the ROM is a work in progress and might cause problems. Do let us know how it works!

  • Rigid

    Be it known this is a GSM rom not available to Verizon Razr owners

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