Force Power Off on Droid Razr [Trick]


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  • Akash Ghosh

    OMG! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much! The service centre in my city is in a very remote part of town, and you just saved me a really long trip! Thank you and God Bless!

  • Andrew

    thanks so much, my phone was locked up for two hours and i could not figure it out for the life of me!

  • Amee

    you are a saint!! just bought thisphone 2 days ago and thought i already broke it.
    my life would have been over
    thanks so much!

  • zatoichi

    Thanks man. You saved my life

  • JMSwan

    Not a Razr or a Samsung but thank you. You fixed my problem.


    This didn’t work except to perform a factory reboot. I need to power OFF to get to an options boot menu (both vol keys then power key 10 seconds or so) but I can’t get the phone to power OFF first. Any ideas? I have no touchscreen response at all since my ICS upgrade.

  • AmberHilton

    Thank you soooo much!!

  • Guest0000000

    Thanks a ton. I think my battery was draining as fast and hot as it could until I found your page. :)

  • Jkuemmerle12

    Thanks, my razr maxx has frozen a couple of times now and I didnt have a solution.

  • verizonassistantmanager

    it has absolutely nothing to do with the power button you just press and hold the volume down button and it will reset the device

    • maurice edwards

      Thank you. Pressing the power button with volume down did nothing. It wasn’t until I pressed the volume down by itself did I have success.

  • Myspamsushi

    thank you very much! it complained vigourously by vibrating intermittently, then continuousy (as if it were saying “no, no, no, No, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Zzzzz…”) but it worked great! Thank you!

    • Kapil

      Hehe… Droid vs Human — we win!

  • Nate Scheuerlein

    Just had to use this… worked like a charm!

  • Xfjshjrjsrjndrnhzsw2

    Thank you