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There seems to be a even newer version of Google Play around us right now, this one being v3.7.13 — a very little numerical-wise improvement over the one that we found couple of days before, the v3.7.11, from Jelly Bean Galaxy Nexus devices.

Sure Google will be updating all eligible devices to latest version in a matter of weeks maybe, but those of you who want it just right now can download the Google Play APK 3.5.13 from below (step 1) and install it right away.

Note: You DO NOT need root for this. And installing the Google Play (or any app using an APK) is very very easy!

Google Play 3.7.13 Changelog:

Well, to be frank, we don’t know of any particular changes that Google Play Store 3.7.13 brings over 3.7.11, but who cares anyway.

Install Google Play APK 3.7.13 [Guide]

  1. Download APK of Google Play 3.7.13. File name: GP3.7.13.apk
  2. Transfer it to phone if you downloaded it on PC.
  3. Enable “Unknown sources” under Settings » Applications, so that you can install applications from SD Card. If you are on Ice Cream Sandwich, Android 4.0/4.1, find it under Settings » Security.
  4. Make sure you have a (any) file manager installed. Open file manager app and go to folder where you downloaded/transferred the GP3.7.13.apk (if you downloaded it on phone, it should be in Download folder).
  5. Tap on the GP3.7.13.apk (the Google Play APK file), to begin installation procedure and it will be installed in less than a minute. That’s it. Open the Google Play now and you have the latest version of it right there.

If you get any trouble installing the Google Play 3.7.13 using the APK file, do let us know. As regards eligible devices, I think you’ll to be on Android 2.2 or higher to be able to update your Google Play.

Google Play 3.7.13 Screenshots

Google Play APK Google Play Jelly Bean Googe Play

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  1. KaLinKe says: Reply

    Hey, I own an HTC Wildfire S a510b, Asian ROM, rooted, android 2.3.5. Tried to install Play Store 3.7.13, 3.7.11, 3.5.19, 3.4.17… installed in the phone storage… “The application ( has stopped unexpectedly”. My phone had AppStore (i can’t really say where it’s from, guess an Asian app market), I’ve uninstalled it, but still having problem. I have an app called “QQsecurity”, can be the problem? Root permissions? Furthermore, the bootloader was already S-OFF and the software version indicates “a510e” instead of “a510b”. Thanks in advance, it’s driving me crazy

  2. Logan says: Reply

    At Google I/O they announced “Smart Updates” where Play Store will only pull in the parts of the APK that have changed, resulting in a smaller download and smaller update. I would assume that is one of the new features of 3.7.13 (though not confirmed).

    Also search has been improved, if I search for a specific app in 3.7.13 it shows up right in the search bar.

  3. Darsh says: Reply

    This version is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S plus… The problem is any application gets download but it doesnot show installing in notification after it gets download….
    There is some bug for this new version of Play store for SAMSUNG GALAXY S PLUS users….

  4. Backnext says: Reply

    I have the same problem. Where is the bug for this new version of Play store for SAMSUNG GALAXY S PLUS users….?

  5. taemokokey says: Reply

    not compatible with Samsung Galaxy ACE

  6. 3.7.13 wont install apps for me

  7. Jared says: Reply

    hi ive installed this on my lg optimus v running cynanogen mod and it will not open someone please help??

  8. Marko says: Reply

    Same problem for me..not compatible for Galaxy S Plus!

  9. joe says: Reply

    i own a android 4.0.3 newsmy t3, i updated to google play but when i try to download an app i get an error messege..somebody help me please:(…..

  10. fotal says: Reply

    the installation is right but when i try to open google play i get an error that google play doesnt works any more

  11. gt says: Reply

    any chance to get this working with kindle fire?

  12. Seth Beckman says: Reply

    I have an ematic eGlide pro II. Will ANY google play version work? I have android 2.3

  13. rinchin says: Reply

    hi i have bougth a HCL ME Y2 tablet and i installed google application store but it is not working the page starts and shut downs automatically
    please suggest

  14. sharkblades says: Reply

    First my phone is samsung galaxy s2rooted and rom Everyone calm down lol download yes file explorer from xda developers do a Google search. Make sure you are rooted. Go in app after download. Click menu go in and change file settings view hidden files. Go back to main settings screen. Go all the way down to root options. Enable first box click yes. Allow super user access. Phew. Lol nextvis easy. For any phone go back to the first screen were it shows a bunch of files and then go back once more. If you go back slowly it will ask you to push once more to exit. Do not exit. Scroll down and find system folder. Go in there and then apps folder. Scroll down until you find it what ever yours is. Tap but hold to bring options up. Scroll all the way down to preferences and push change. First row left to right should be first 2 checked. Second and third only first box checked. Save and restart. ENJOY!! Show your appreciation to me by playing dark summoner it at least downloading to use my Id as referral thank you and if you continue to play ally me! I’m sin and I can help you out. My id is 2200917870 sharkblades is my character 🙂

  15. thaw zin says: Reply

    i’ve a trouble huawei C8650+.

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