Galaxy S3 Ringtones For Use On Your Android Device

Whether you are waiting eagerly for the Samsung Galaxy S3 or not, there is no harm in trying out some of the ringtones that come pre-installed with it on your current phone. Who knows only this might change your mood, from not-buying to buying, or for worse, vice versa of it. Well, it wouldn’t, so let’s just try these 6 melodies!

Download the ringtones pack from here [alternative download link (for downloading on phones if first link doesn’t work)], extract the downloaded file and then transfer the music files to your phone. Then, go to audio settings to try and set as ringtone.

Here’s the list of ringtones (in .ogg format, btw) from the Galaxy S3:

  1. Fog on the water
  2. Rays of the sun
  3. Blowing Dandelion seeds
  4. Walk on the seaside
  5. Underwater world
  6. Mountain temple

Which one you like from the above lot the most? And yep, don’t be shy of sharing your favourite ringtone with us, upload it to or something for other to download if that’s alright.

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  1. solomonsright says: Reply

    Mediafire link goes nowhere?

      1. solomonsright says: Reply
        All the link does is open up a blank mediafire Web Page!
        Tried with stock android browser & dolphin hd…?

        1. Emil says: Reply

          Crap!!! Only shows blank mediafire web page!!!

          1. Shivam says:

            The link is fine. It’s just not opening up on phone, try it on a PC.

        2. dangey says: Reply

          change the user agent to desktop in dolphin settings or try it on a pc

    1. Kapil says: Reply

      On stock browser, just press menu key to get options list and select ‘request desktop site’ — this will open the mediafire for you right there.

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