OTA Update for Unlocked/Unbranded HTC Sensation (Asian and European Models)

Unlocked HTC Sensation android phones in Asian and European region are receiving an OTA update. And if your Sensation let you down not being able to grab the OTA notification, worry not since now you can download the update on PC and install it manually. The update’s size is around 27 MB and both of its Asian and European versions are available for download.

About what these updates are meant for, just don’t expect anything breathtaking here — in fact, no upgrade to your Android OS, if you’re looking for just that. Instead, it will fix some bugs here and there and that will be it. We know Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S 2 has already received an Android 2.3.4 Leak updating the S2 to latest Android OS available from Google but other manufacturers, including HTC, seem far from catching up with Samsung with regards to Android OS version updates.

Download Links for HTC Sensation OTA Updates:

Via XDA Developers

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