Download OnePlus 2 Driver [Windows, Linux and Mac]

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Whether you are looking to root your OnePlus 2, or install TWRP recovery only, you need to have OnePlus 2 driver first of all. It’s also helpful if your PC isn’t able to recognize your OnePlus 2.

Installing the OnePlus 2 driver setup file provided below will install the driver easily for you — you won’t need to go device manager either to manually install the driver.

Download OnePlus 2 driver

How to: On Windows PC, just download the file (OnePlus_USB_Drivers_Setup.exe) and run it after it’s downloaded on your PC. Go through the setup, and when done, restart your PC. Now, connect your OnePlus 2 to PC and is shall recognize it.

For Mac and Linux, download the file with .dmg and .sh extension respectively.

→ You may also want to install ADB and Fastboot driver, especially if you are looking to unlock your OnePlus 2’s bootloader, or install TWRP and root it.

Via XQ55