New Android Market APK v3.1.5 [Update]

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Android market has been updated and once again, this time to version 3.1.5 (it was v3.1.3 previously). We’ve  a direct link ready for you below, so download it from there. As for the changes, don’t expect anything breathtaking — though, we think there would be general bug fixes along with some god-only-knows speed improvements, as always.

Download the Android Market APK v3.1.5 and save/transfer to your phone’s sd card. Use a file transfer app to browse to it on sd card and install it. Make sure you’ve enabled “Unknown Sources” under settings > Applications, so that you can install applications from sd card.

Let us know what changes you are able to spot in market v3.1.5. Any speed improvements, anything?

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  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    I’ll give a try. Thanks.

  2. Rock4hell says: Reply

    Its been slow compared to the previous update seems to be buggy

  3. Ghost Bhoot2k says: Reply

    very slowwwwwwww

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