jpki1 Arabic Firmware for Galaxy S2


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  • Halim El Borgi

    Link to downloas arabic firmware doesn’t work, Is there any other link? thank you

  • Dlara Db it…please help.

  • mouhsine

    Hello, plz i have sumsung SII I91000 wiht Android version 23.5. i don’t find arabic language in the list of language settings. so the display of arabic application is not good. Thanks for your help

  • Abdu H. Basri

    Hello … plzz i need some one 2 help me 2 restore my official mobile software : android 2.3.5 gingerbread with arabic support  bcz i made an update 2 the new ICS  but i found that there’s no support 4 arabic language .. thnx alot 

  • Khalifa1002

    i cant extract the full files :( i gives me Error in pass or archiving ? 

  • ahmed suqait

    Hi there;
    It did not work for me as my  mobile Galaxy s2 GT-I9100 bought from state.

  • Spark Is Me

    I feel obligated to tell u, THANKS Alot, Its works GREAT.

    just some some minor issues and force close every now and then. but i am happy with it.

    Thanks Again 

  • Godzhajo83

    IT DIDN’T WORK!!! My phone doesn’t turn on anymore!!!

  • Mouldaouali

    I installed 
    JPKI1 mais il n’y a pas l’arabe.Comment faire pour l’arabe

  • Hichamtabbara

    all of u r right no arabic keyboard so it is useless

  • Rawad Q

    it didn’t add the arabic language?!

  • Handydagger

    -Only Reading no arabic keyboard
    -Sensors are not working

    • Mdorra

       what u do to fix the sensor?

  • abdulla

    no sir it doesnt have an arabic language and keybord i installed it it nice but no arabic languge on it

  • Mhamamy

    G this seems rocket science !!

  • Hassanov

    No Arabic writing, only reading ! & true no sensors :(

    • Kapil

      that’s very poor from Samsung after naming it as a Arabic ROM :(

  • Emile_chedid

    agree with khalid we cant dump rotation and sensors so as no arabic keyboard or fonts not even an arabic interface if u want it its just a fix for the arabic display that the letters was not connecting togather in firmware 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 non arabic so basicaly i will re root the 2.3.4 non arabic we can always fined a software to display the arabic massages and Opera browser will fix the arabic issu on the websites

  • Khalid

    No Arabic language, no rotation and no sensors. :(