Ice Cream Sandwich Rom for EVO 4G. Camera Semi-Working!


Well, well….with Ice Cream Sandwich ROMs being ported for a variety of devices, including those that were never included in the list of phones which were deemed capable, it was only a matter of time before Sprint’s flagship Android phone, the HTC EVO 4G, received a custom build of Ice Cream Sandwich as well.

The ROM is called Preludedrew’s ICS, and it comes to us courtesy of Senior Member MizzouBrent over at AndroidForums. The ROM is an early build, and there is still work going on to fix some of the bugs, the most notable one being that the camera is in semi-working state — still images at 3 MP only unfortunately for now, and no video. However, going by the excitement I see in the thread, there seem to be a beeline for downloading and flashing this ROM, for a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich goodness on this magnificent device.

Warning: The steps and methods included in this guide are considered risky. Please do not attempt to try this unless you know exactly what you are doing, as it may render your device unusable, and your pocket lighter by the amount it takes to replace it. You have been forewarned!!!

Pre-Installation Requirements:

  • Rooted EVO 4G
  • ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) installed
  • Battery charge of at least 50%
  • All your data backed up

Download Links

Google Apps Package ( To be flashed separately after flashing the main ROM)

Installation Steps

  1. Download the ROM and the Gapps package from the links above
  2. Transfer both the zip files to the root of your sd card
  3. Reboot into Recovery Mode
  4. Perform a full Nandroid backup of your existing ROM.
  5. Perform a full Wipe from recovery (Wipe Data/Factory; Wipe Cache; and in Advanced Menu-Wipe Dalvik Cache)
  6. For experienced users who prefer SuperWipe, please feel free to use it…as you obviously know what you are doing
  7. Install zip from sd card—> Choose zip from sd card—>Select the ROM zip file you transferred in Step 2
  8. Once the flashing has completed, repeat Step 6, and this time select the Gapps package zip file and let it flash
  9. Once the flashing is complete, go back to the main menu, and reboot your device

It may take a considerably long time for the device to boot up, and for it to load fully after boot. This is normal, so please have patience till Ice cream Sandwich loads up on your device. After all, the best things in life take time to come to you.

To follow updates and experiences on this ROM, you an visit the development thread HERE.

Do let us know about your experience in comments below.

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  1. Clay says: Reply

    To those who have downloaded and installed this. Does wireless tether work?

    1. Will Huffman says: Reply

      no..wireless tether does not work..trying to find a work around

  2. Mistezzfre says: Reply

    I just installed ICS on my EVO 4g… Simple to follow instructions and I love it. Thank you.

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