Get the Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator App on your non-ICS Android phone

Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator App

Every time a new Android OS is released there are modifications to some system apps, which are little, but you know, we Android power users just want everything up to date ─ we check forum posts every then and now just to be updated on the status of the port or little tweaks that the cool developers in Android ecosystem bring to us from the latest Android version, and right now we’re all crazy about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

So here’s one those little hack ─ the Calculator App from Ice Cream Sandwich. Most of these little hacks come easy, you don’t have to be an all-round-androider to install little hacks like ports of apps. It gets even better when some developers release their port directly to the Android Market, so that noobs and “device-warranty-conscious” people who don’t root their Android devices, could also get the new stuff from latest Android releases.

Why am I saying all that? That’s because this new Calculator app from ICS is actually available for download in the Android Market, thanks to developer Thomas Barrasso.

Hit the download button below to get to the Android Market page of the app, install it, and do let us know if you like the new look of the Calculator app. Ah! Yes, it looks like WP7 (If you’re about to say that) 😉

[button link=”″ icon=”arrow” style=””]Download Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator[/button]

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